General English name: Almotriptan

Brand: Almogran

Application: Migraine


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Almotriptan Medication Information

Medication Information: The main cause of migraine is not yet clear, it is thought that the activity of certain chemicals in the brain increases and as a result, wrong signals are sent to parts of the brain that cause migraine symptoms. It is also not clear why these chemical changes occur in people with migraines. Many migraine attacks occur for no apparent reason, but in some people, factors such as drinking or certain foods may trigger the attack. Almotriptan starts right after a migraine attackIt is useful for relieving the symptoms of an attack but has no role in preventing a migraine attack or headache. Almotriptan stimulates receptors in the brain for a chemical called serotonin (or 5HT), thereby relieving migraine symptoms.


Contraindications to the use of the drug Almotriptan

Pay attention to the expiration date of your Almotrip medicine and do not take it if the medicine in your hand has expired.

Do not take more than the prescribed dose of Almotriptan.

Never give your Almotriptan to anyone else, even if you have the same symptoms


Almotriptan drug interaction

Drug interactions may alter drug performance and increase the risk of serious side effects. Make a list of all the medicines (including prescription / over-the-counter medicines and herbal products) you use and share them with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not change the dose of your medicine without consulting your doctor or stop taking the medicine.

If you take other drugs that increase serotonin, your risk of developing serotonin syndrome or toxicity increases. Examples of these drugs are MDMA or “ecstasy”, St. John’s wort, certain antidepressants (including SSRIs such as fluoxetine / paroxetine, SNRIs such as duloxetine). / Venlafaxine).

If you are taking any ergotamine (such as dihydroergotamine) or other triptans such as zolmitriptan and rizatriptan, you should monitor your dose of almotriptan under a doctor’s supervision and take large doses of this medicine. Do not take, as it has serious side effects.


The dose that should be considered before taking Almotriptan

Some medications are not suitable for people with certain conditions, and some medications may be prescribed if additional treatment is needed; Therefore, it is best for your doctor to know the following before taking Almotriptan:


Possible side effects of Almotriptan

All medications can cause side effects; But many consumers also do not experience any side effects. In case of persistent side effects, the doctor should be informed:

Feeling tired, drowsy or dizzy, feeling sick and in some people feeling severe tightness or pain in the chest

Consult your doctor if you have any other symptoms that you feel are due to your Almotriptan medication.


How to store Almotriptan

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

Keep the medicine in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.