Brand: Beconase, Nasobec, Pollenase, Vivabec

Application: Allergic diseases of the nose



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Pharmacological information of beclomethasone nasal spray

Medication Information: Beclomethasone nasal spray is used to prevent or relieve rhinitis. Rhinitis is a disease in which the inside of the nose becomes inflamed and irritated. Common symptoms include sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose and itchy nose. It is usually caused by allergies, such as hay fever.

Exposure to stimuli such as pollen, pet skin, mosquitoes or dust can cause the body to produce a chemical called histamine. The release of histamine causes the inner lining of the nose to swell and itch, which in turn causes sneezing and other symptoms. Beclomethasone spray reduces inflammation and swelling, as well as relieves symptoms such as itching, sneezing, burning and discomfort.

For more information on beclomethasone spray, beclomethasone ointment, and beclomethasone tablets, see the page for those medications.


Contraindications to the use of beclomethasone nasal spray


Drug interaction of beclomethasone nasal spray

Drug interactions may alter drug performance and increase the risk of serious side effects. Make a list of all the medicines (including prescription / over-the-counter medicines and herbal products) you use and share them with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not change the dose of your medicine without consulting your doctor or stop taking the medicine.


Tips to consider before taking beclomethasone nasal spray

Some medications cannot be prescribed under certain conditions, and some medications may be prescribed if additional treatment is needed; Therefore, it is best for your doctor to be aware of the following before taking beclomethasone nasal spray.


Possible side effects

All medications can cause side effects; But many consumers also do not experience any side effects. Some of the side effects go away shortly after taking beclomethasone. In case of persistent side effects, the physician should be informed:


How to maintain beclomethasone nasal spray