If you or your loved ones have lichen planus, in this article we are going to talk about the best and most successful treatment for lichen planus.

Small, severely itchy lesions on the skin of the wrists, ankles, external genitalia, etc. can indicate an itchy genetic condition called lichen planus.

The effects of this disorder on the scalp can lead to permanent hair loss. Also, chronic mouth ulcers in lichen planus can lead to tongue and mouth cancers, so it is best to start treatment for lichen plan in time and early.

But what is the best treatment for lichen planus? Read on to find the answer to the question.


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what is the best treatment for lichen planus

Types of lichen plan


Factors causing lichen planus

The following factors are said to be both aggravating and initiating this genetic predisposition:


Symptoms of lichen planus

Purplished colored lesions

Purplished colored bumps or flat skin lesions

It occurs on the skin of the body, especially the wrists, ankles, trunk or genital skin.

These lesions can spread throughout the skin over the months

These lesions are itchy.

Lacy white lesions of the mouth with fine white streaks inside

Skin blisters that become scabby after bursting

The most common form of lichen planus is skin lesions that develop and spread over weeks, and sometimes the lesions resolve spontaneously within six to sixteen weeks, so do not count all skin lesions as eczema.


What is the best treatment for lichen planus?

Before describing the treatment modalities for lichen planus, it should be noted that before starting treatment, your doctor may order a series of tests.

Be aware that lichen planus may not be completely eradicated, but with proper treatment and follow-up and your doctor’s supervision, you can control the symptoms and prevent recurrences as well as serious complications of lichen planus such as tongue and mouth cancers and permanent hair loss. Doctors recommend that oral lichen planus, visible lichen planus and nail lichen planus must be treated by a specialist.



They are compounds of vitamin A that are taken both topically and orally. Tretinoins may be effective in the oral form of lichen planus.


suppress inflammation and autoimmune reactions, can be administered topically, orally and by injection.


Ultraviolet lights are used to treat cases of lichen planus


Prednisolone is a corticosteroid and is the first and most effective drug in controlling the overactive immune system. Your doctor will usually prescribe these drugs in severe to moderate lichen planus. People with diabetes or hypertension should inform their doctor of their problem before prescribing medication.

Sometimes it is necessary to prescribe this treatment for up to three months, do not stop taking the drug arbitrarily or change the dose separately.

During this period, consume low-fat milk and low-fat dairy products and do not forget about physical activity so that your bones do not have problems.

At the end of the treatment period, this drug should be discontinued little by little and according to the exact plan of the doctor. Do not stop taking prednisolone suddenly and arbitrarily.

In mild forms of lichen planus, physicians use topical corticosteroids such as clobetasol, triamcinolone, and flucinolone based on the location and severity of the lesion.

Antihistamines such as loratadine or citrizin are good for relieving itching and, unlike older antihistamines such as hydroxyzine, do not cause too much drowsiness.


Treatment of “lesions” of lichen planus

Corticosteroids Injectable steroids are used for limited lesions, and in more severe cases and more extensive lesions, oral forms of corticosteroids.

The above drugs should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription


One of the ways that doctors recommend to improve lichen plan.

The use of ultraviolet light or UV lamp if the therapy it is combined with a drug called psoralen is called PUVA.

PUVA therapy is used in people with extensive and diffuse lichen planus lesions.

Doctors believe that:

Psoralen + UV-A = PUVA therapy

It can be effective for eight weeks

But because this process can cause cancerous changes in your cells, so before choosing it, the advantages and disadvantages of treatment should be properly evaluated and used only when the benefits of treatment outweigh the disadvantages and side effects.

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