Did you know that all around the word half of men in their forties and seventies have some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED)? Ten percent of these people are not able to create an erection at all.

Taking a suitable drug to treat ED disorder will prepare 70% of these men to start intercourse. In the following, we have discussed the best drug without side effects for erectile dysfunction.

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What does erectile dysfunction mean?

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to create and maintain enough erection for intercourse.


ED symptoms

Erectile dysfunction can be associated with other disorders such as delayed evacuation or premature.


Causes of Ed

Causes and problems and physical illnesses

(Metabolic syndrome in general)

Psychological causes of ED

Complications of ED

After being diagnosed with ED, the most important thing for your doctor is to make sure that you receive appropriate treatment for the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes, heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and so on.

Because if the underlying factors are not treated and controlled, your erectile dysfunction will get worse day by day.

Ed treatment can be with the following:

  1. Medicines
  2. Penis pump
  3. Surgery
  4. Implant

What matters is choosing the right method for you personally.

Proper treatment should not harm your health. For example, if you have a heart condition or are taking certain medications, the chosen treatment of for ED should be based on your general health and should not harm you or make your illnesses worse or interfere with your medications.


What is the best medicine for ED that has no side effects?

Oral medications to treat ED:

All four drugs improve blood flow to the penis and erection by increasing the effect of nitric oxide.

There must be sexual arousal after taking these drugs to reach the erection.

These drugs should not be used in people with normal sexual function.


The most common side effects of these drugs

These drugs differ in terms of dosage, duration of action and side effects. The most common side effects of these drugs are:


In order to choose the best medicine for ED, doctors consider the condition of each individual to be very important in choosing the medicine.

Keep in mind that these medications are not going to cure your ED you right away, but you should keep in touch with your doctor so that you can work with him to find the best medicine for you.

Drugs mentioned, in people with vascular and nerve damage during pelvic surgeries, such as following a surgical prostatectomy, or vascular damage due to diabetes (neuropathy), may not be very effective.


Important point in taking these drugs

If you are taking the following medications and use the medications listed above, very fatal and life-threatening conditions will occur:

Taking nitrate drugs:

These drugs are commonly used in people with heart problems to control chest pain:

You should not use these medications if you have heart disease, including heart failure.

If you have hypotension, oral medications of ED can make your condition very dangerous.

Other drugs

In people whose ED is secondary to a decrease in testosterone.

It is available as an intervertebral suppository (Muse) or intraductally.

The person is trained to inject alprostadil (Caverject) (Edex) into the base or side as well.

The dose of each injection is such that ten minutes after the injection, the erection begins and finally the erection lasts for one hour.

Complication of this method:

It is sometimes combined with other drugs, such as phentolamine.


Is ED curable?

The answer to this question depends on the underlying cause, in the following cases the use of the mentioned oral drugs is prohibited:


Additional Tips on oral medications in the Treatment of Ed

It is forbidden to use any kind of medicine for ED without the supervision and prescription of a doctor.