Women may experience a range of symptoms around the time of ovulation, one of which is bloating during ovulation. If you also suffer from this unpleasant complication during ovulation, read more.

Our doctors will explain the cause of bloating during ovulation. You will also know how to get rid of bloating during ovulation.

Bloating during ovulation remedies

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Why do we get bloating during ovulation?

What causes bloating during ovulation?

Around the time of ovulation, the level of the Estrogen hormone in your body is very high, just before the egg is released, the blood level of a hormone called LH reaches its peak and estrogen drops.

These changes and fluctuations that occur in your blood level and around the day of your ovulation will be the main cause of bloating during ovulation.

Hormonal changes cause gastrointestinal motility disorders, In addition, increased estrogen levels are associated with fluid retention in your body.

So around the time your egg is released, you will experience both bloating and weight gain.

Fluid retention causes your breasts to congest and gain up to two kilograms in weight. All of these changes are temporary and will improve on their own as hormones change.

What are some of the conditions you may experience during ovulation?

You may also experience the following conditions around the time of ovulation:

What are the other changes you may experience during ovulation?

Other changes you may experience during ovulation include:

What are some ways to get rid of bloating during ovulation?

The following tips will help you reduce bloating during ovulation:

What is a Low FODMAP diet?

Fermented oligo- di- monosaccharides and polyols

The term is used for foods that contain carbohydrates that are not digestible by the human digestive tract and cause stomach pain, bloating and flatulence.

What foods should we avoid to get rid of bloating during ovulation?

To get rid of bloating during ovulation, it is better to avoid consuming these substances, these foods are:

When does bloating during ovulation occur?

If your menstrual cycles are regular, this complication will obviously occur around the eleventh to fourteenth days of your menstrual cycle. This bloating usually resolves within two days after hormone correction and estrogen reduction.

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