Leukemia and some of the lymphoma s and polycythemia Vera are among the blood cancers that can be manifested by itchy skin. In the following, we will tell you more about Blood cancer symptoms “itchy skin”.


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Can itchy skin be a sign of leukemia?

Doctors call itchy pruritus skin. Pruritus is a type of irritation that is felt on the surface of the skin and causes a person to scratch that part of the skin. Pruritus may be a sign that you have leukemia. There are a number of types of cancers that may include itchy skin.


Itchy skin or pruritus, which can be a sign of which cancers?

The subject of this article is itchy skin as a sign of blood cancers. Sometimes the cancer itself and sometimes, the drugs used to treat the cancer cause itchy skin. Skin cancers and any cancer that spreads to the skin, such as some leukemia and some lymphomas, will be accompanied by itchy skin.

Itchy skin can be a sign of a skin or blood cancer if the following conditions are present:

It is very important to be able to distinguish itchy skin from a blood cancer from benign and common causes of itchy skin such as dry skin, eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies.


Other symptoms of skin itching caused by cancer

The following characteristics in the skin mostly indicate the presence of underlying cancer:


Dry skin can also cause itching all over, but if the cause of itchy skin all over your body is dryness, it should be relieved by removing the dryness with body oils and creams for up to two weeks, so if you still have dry skin after two weeks You have itching all over, take it seriously

Menopausal women as well as pregnant women may experience itchy skin all over the body without a malignant underlying disorder, which is not a cause for concern.


Eczema and skin allergic reactions are all accompanied by itchy inflammatory rashes on the surface of inflamed and red skin. If your itchy skin is in an area that is neither dry nor itchy, be sure to see your doctor.


If itching of your skin is accompanied by night sweating, take it seriously

Both sweating and itchy skin are exacerbated in blood cancers at night

Also if:

Be sure to see your doctor for a checkup


Why does itchy skin occur in leukemia and lymphomas?

A group of doctors believe that the secretion of certain chemicals by blood cells (cytokines) can cause itchy skin in leukemia and lymphomas. Cancer cells in these blood cancers secrete large amounts of cytokines that stimulate the nerve endings of the skin to produce an itchy sensation. Topical creams may provide temporary relief, but itching will resume as soon as stimulant cytokines are re-released.


Itching of the skin occurs in which blood cancers?

Symptoms of the four major groups of blood cancers may include itchy skin:


About 9% of people with leukemia have itchy skin before the clinical diagnosis of their cancer and before other clinical signs and manifestations of leukemia.


Generally speaking, itchy skin can be a symptom of one of the dual types of lymphoma :

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or HL  and Hodgkin’s diseases or HD

Thirty percent of people with HL experience itchy skin before being diagnosed with cancer, an itchy skin that affects the whole body and there is no sign of skin rash, and sometimes it can be localized only to the legs. These people complain of severe itchy skin, sometimes expressed as a burning sensation.


Lymphomas are less common. In this blood cancer, the skin can be red and inflamed, have clear rashes, and there may be scaling.

These clinical manifestations, like the usual eczema or psoriasis, can sometimes occur only in the folds of the body and confuse the doctor.

As the lymphoma progresses, the skin rashes get bigger and may spread as lumps on the surface of the skin.

This lymphoma is also known by the following names:

Mycosis Fungoides

Sézary syndrome


polycythaemia Vera(PV):

This disorder belongs to the category Myeloproliferative neopelasm (a group of disorders of the myeloid lineage that causes platelet precursors, red blood cells, and a group of white blood cells to develop precancerous lesions).

PV is described by doctors as a blood cancer with very slow progression, the number of red blood cells in this disorder is very high, itchy skin is considered one of the most common symptoms of PV.

Forty percent of people with pv suffer from itchy skin

Doctors believe that the cause of this itchy skin is the secretion of a substance that causes skin allergies and itching called histamine.

It is interesting to note that people with pv often experience itchy skin after a hot bath


When should we worry about itchy skin as a sign of blood cancer and see a doctor?

Most cases of itchy skin have nothing to do with cancers, but if: