When thin blood vessels on the surface of your eye rupture or inflammation develops in your eyes, following them, the visible white color of your eyeball becomes red and pink, this is the pink to reddish coloring of the eye, which is often unilateral, called bloodshot eyes.

In this article, we are going to talk about Bloodshot eyes on one side.

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bloodshot eye on one side

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Causes of bloodshot eye

There are many factors that can lead to a bloodshot eye. Some of these are:

Study in low light

Rub the eyeball firmly

Scratching the surface of the eye with nails and…

Night work and night waking

Take a long look at the TV screen

Continuous work with smartphones, computers and laptops


Symptoms and manifestations

Know bloodshot eye:

Types of underlying causes of bloodshot eye:

On the sclera of the eye is covered with a very thin membrane called the conjunctiva. This layer also covers the lower surface of the plaques of your eye. Inflammation and infection of the conjunctiva which is called conjunctivitis is one of the causes of bloodshot eye.

Following infection and inflammation that affects the eye, swelling and fluid buildup around the injured eye to protect the injured and diseased organ. In fact, swelling is the body’s reaction and the result of the immune system’s response to an inflammatory or infectious agent.

Swelling and tears prevent dust and foreign objects from having a negative effect on the eye.

In most cases, infections and inflammation cause a one-sided bloodshot eye

The most common types of eye infections and inflammations:

We said that inflammation and infection of the outermost and superficial layers of the eyeball are called conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis has viral, bacterial, or allergic or allergic-contact causes, or is caused by constant exposure to polluted air and dust. The eyes are swollen and red, and there are tears and itching.

The growth line of the eyelashes and the edge of the eyelids will be very swollen and red.

Residual makeup on the eyelashes and eyelids and dust can block the exit of the sebaceous glands in the lash line and cause the glands to swell. Infectious agents may also be involved in this inflammation and cause infectious blepharitis.


feeling irritated

Swelling of the lash line and the edge of the eyelid


One-sided bloodshot eye

is a common symptom of blepharitis or inflammation of the eyelid.

In susceptible individuals, dust, environmental contaminants, odors, specific chemicals and stimulants, plant pollens stimulate the eye’s immune system to deal with allergens.

inflammation and swelling along with

Itching of the eyes and around the eyes

Eye irritation

Sometimes a foreign body sensation in the eye


Mild pain


Sometimes it will be one-sided but often bilateral bloodshot eye.

One of the major causes of bloodshot eyes is dry eyes.

In dry eyes, in addition to redness of the eyes, itching and scratching of the dry eye surface may also cause the following symptoms:

Mild to sometimes severe eye pain

Redness of the eyes

Corneal ulcers

And even loss of vision

One of the causes of unilateral bloodshot eye can be recent eye and eyelid surgery.

Redness of the eyes is normal in the early days and the first week after cataract surgery or eye lasers, but if several weeks have passed since your eye surgery and there is still bloodshot eye, you should see an ophthalmologist for a thorough examination.

What is the treatment for unilateral bloodshot eye?

We said that there are different causes for bloodshot, so depending on the underlying cause, there can be different options for treatment.

During bloodshot eye there is:

Persistent tears or epiphora will protect the eye from damage and irritation by dust and environmental pollution, but you must use sunglasses for extra protection to prevent sunlight in the eyes in addition to protection for environmental and air pollution.

Drug treatment options:

Intraocular drops containing artificial tears / sometimes antibiotics

It can be said that eye lubricants are drops that are necessary to keep your eye surface hydrated.

Oral antibiotics

Topical eye ointments


Oral medications for the treatment of underlying allergy

will be one of the options used in the treatment of bloodshot eye, which should be prescribed only after examination by an ophthalmologist.

What should we pay attention to to prevent this disease?

Perhaps it can be said that the best treatment for bloodshot eye; It is prevention of infection.

So to avoid getting infected, pay attention to the following points:

Wash your hands regularly and avoid getting dirty hands on your eyes.

Be sure to clean all your eyelashes and eyelids makeups.

Avoid going to an air-polluted environment as much as possible.

Avoid placing your contact lenses in contaminated, non-standard solutions, and never use dirty hands or long nails to put contact lenses in your eyes.

Be sure to wear standard sunglasses in broad daylight.

Avoid rubbing your eyes normally and see an ophthalmologist immediately if you notice the first warning signs such as redness, itching, and burning of the eyes. Avoid taking medications and eye drops without a doctor’s prescription. And last but not least, do not use other people’s eye drops.

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