General English Name: Calcium and ergocalciferol | Calcium and Vitamin D.

Application: To promote extraction health and use of osteoporosis


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Calcium and Vitamin D Medication Information Calcium and ergocalciferol

Medication Information: Calcium and vitamin D (calcium and ergocalciferol) are important for bone health and strength. Ergocalciferol is a type of vitamin D that is mainly made by exposing the skin to sunlight, but you can also get this vitamin from a special diet. Foods such as oily fish (such as sardines, herring, salmon and tuna) and eggs contain vitamin D. The body needs adequate sources of vitamin D to absorb calcium from food.

Mild calcium and vitamin D deficiency may not be a problem, but it can increase the risk of osteoporosis. It is best to take a supplement such as calcium and ergocalciferol as usual. You can buy this pill with a prescription or without a prescription from a pharmacy.


Contraindications to calcium and vitamin D (calcium and ergocalciferol)


Drug interaction of calcium and vitamin D.

Drug interactions may alter drug performance and increase the risk of serious side effects. Make a list of all the medicines (including prescription / over-the-counter and herbal medicines) you use and share them with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not change the dose of your medicine without consulting your doctor or stop taking the medicine.


Tips to consider before taking calcium and ergocalciferol

Some medications are not suitable for people with certain conditions, and some medications may be prescribed if additional treatment is needed; Therefore, it is best for your doctor to know the following before taking calcium and vitamin D (calcium and ergocalciferol):


Possible side effects of calcium and ergocalciferol

All medications can cause side effects. But many consumers also do not experience any side effects. Some side effects go away shortly after taking calcium and vitamin D. It does not cause any side effects, but tell your doctor if you have any serious side effects, which you think may be due to the medication.


How to store calcium and vitamin D medicine