One of the important points in the covid19 pandemic is to consider the side effects of the covid19 vaccination in pregnant women. Pregnant women are at high risk for developing the severe form of covid19. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant during the coved 19 pandemics, read the following article.

In the following our doctors tell you more about “Covid19 vaccine side effects pregnancy”


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covid 19 vaccine side effects pregnancy

It has been a short time since the onset of the covid19 pandemic, so medical findings are still insufficient to provide definitive conclusions. There are limited studies and clinical trials to evaluate the function and side effects of the covid19 vaccine in pregnancy.

In the following, we have tried to use the most authoritative scientific references about vaccination in pregnant women and the side effects of covid19 vaccine in pregnancy.


Pregnancy in pregnant women will be very risky and worrying, both in terms of the nature and quality of the disease in pregnant women and in terms of the fact that

ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, drugs use in pregnant women have many challenges and also because the mortality in pregnant women due to severe forms of the disease will be much higher compared to non-pregnant women. Doctors believe that getting pregnant with covid19, even on the outcome of pregnancy, will have serious and negative effects. Pregnant women who get covid19 will be more prone to the following complications than healthy pregnant women.

Premature birth

Birth of a premature baby

So it is normal to need covid19 vaccination in pregnant women, but is covid19 vaccination safe for pregnant women and without side effects?

We will answer this question below.


Side effects of covid19 vaccination in pregnancy

Despite the lack of validated research studies in this field, you can read more about the researchers’ findings on the covid19 vaccine, an mRNA vaccine administered during pregnancy.

Studies in animal models, although limited, have examined Possible developmental and reproductive complications have been studied in rats. No serious complications have been found in pregnant rats receiving the Moderna vaccine during pregnancy and after delivery.

Studies on the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine are still ongoing, the results will be available in the coming days on this site.

Gradually, with the advancement of physicians’ knowledge and knowledge of the nature of the virus, credible studies among the human population are planned and compiled.

And it is interesting to know that the manufacturer of both vaccines closely monitors all women who become pregnant after receiving the covid19 vaccine.

According to doctors and researchers, the general side effects of this vaccine in pregnant women do not seem to be different from those of non-pregnant women.


Mild fever is one of the complications that a pregnant or non-pregnant person may have after the Covid19 Vaccination, which will be transient and not a cause for concern. Remember, if you have a fever, be sure to tell your doctor, because fever in pregnancy should be controlled and the cause should be investigated


Some people may have an allergic reaction after receiving the vaccine.

According to the instructions of the CDC:

All recipients of the Covid19 vaccine, including pregnant women with a history of allergies, should inform their physician and healthcare provider before receiving the vaccine.

This guideline should apply to all vaccine recipients and all types of vaccines.


Forming a research team for vaccination of pregnant women

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and

Food and drug administration (FDA) are two of the world’s largest and most reputable authorities for monitoring, recording, and reporting the side effects of covid19 vaccination in pregnant women, during pregnancy, and after delivery. It consists of safety monitoring system and closed monitoring system.

Keep in mind that covid19 vaccines, which are produced and distributed under the general name of recombinant mRNA, do not contain any live virus, so there is no live mRNA virus in these vaccines that wants to cause Covid19 disease in a pregnant woman.

Vaccines produced and distributed as vaccine mRNA cannot enter pregnant woman’s DNA, in other words, they will not affect the gene because they will not be able to enter the nucleus of human cells at all (our gene and DNA is inside the nucleus of our cells).


So what happens to the mRNA that enters the body through the coved 19 vaccine?

When a pregnant woman is vaccinated with covid19 with mRNA vaccines, the cells rapidly break down the mRNA.

According to geneticists and specialists who closely monitor vaccine side effects at reputable institutions such as the CDC, there do not appear to be any serious or serious side effects to covid19 vaccination in pregnant women.


However, because both the virus and the disorders caused by covid19 are not yet fully understood, studies on pregnant and lactating women are not ethically possible, and the FDA cannot completely guarantee the safety and security of the covid19 vaccine in pregnant women.

Until the completion of studies and conducting justified and ethical clinical trials on pregnant women,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, has stated that due to incomplete physicians’ knowledge of the nature of the nineteen-day disease and the lack of a comprehensive study of pregnant women, the first step is vaccination. High-risk groups, ie healthcare personnel should be vaccinated.


Who is responsible for the possible side effects of the vaccine?

The CDC leaves the decision to vaccinate Covid19 mRNAs in pregnant women to individuals, this means that because the nature of mRNA vaccines is not such that it causes serious side effects to the mother and fetus, it is up to the pregnant woman to choose whether or not to get vaccinated (because research is not enough, FDA and CDC still cannot approve these vaccines)

In this case, it is better for pregnant women to consult their own doctor so that they can Make the best about Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)


Precautions for getting the Quid 19 vaccine during pregnancy


If you are pregnant and have recently had a history of exposure to SARS coV 2 (the same virus that causes Covid19), tell your doctor and healthcare provider before getting the vaccine.