Is there immunity in our body following Covid19?

More than a year after the onset of the new coronavirus pandemic, what reliable information is available on immunity following infection with Covid19 infections?

Will a person who has experienced Covid19 be immune to the new coronavirus?

The duration of immunity after Covid19 is four months.

In this article, we are going to talk more about safety following Covid19.


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Read the following two sentences.

According to reputable scientific sources, people who have survived Covid19 are likely to be immunized for at least eight months and sometimes longer. Acquired immunity to the new Corona virus is likely to result in Covid19 affliction or standard vaccination.


It is important to know that there is still no proven time and quality of immunity following recovery from Covid19 or after receiving the vaccine, so the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Research strongly recommend that Until definite results are obtained, it is necessary to observe a safety distance and use a standard mask, and currently no action can prevent not observing a distance of at least 1/8 meter or not using a mask.

And currently no action can prevent not observing a distance of at least 8.1 meters or not using a mask.


Reading the following will help people who have recovered from Covid19, people who have received the vaccine, or people who are not in either of these two categories to gain a better understanding of themselves and their health in a pandemic world.

First it is better to get acquainted with the concept of immunity.


The concept of immunity

Humans can have two types of immunity.

  1. Natural safety
  2. Vaccine induced safety


What happens when a person becomes infected with the new coronavirus and recovers?

An Immunological memory will be created in this person’s body. Immune system cells and proteins involved in immune system activity travel throughout the body to identify and kill all infectious agents.

If our immune system, the same immune cells and immune system proteins, are exposed to the same infectious agent again, With the memory of their first fight, they will protect the body against infection more than the first time, and the symptoms and manifestations of the disease will be clearly reduced.


Types of Immune System Protein Compounds

The types of immune compounds in the immune system are as follows:

Antibodies, which are circulating proteins in the blood that detect infectious agents such as viruses.


Immune system cells involved

Helper T cells that are responsible for identifying foreign agents.

Killer T cells whose job is to kill alien agents.

B Cells that are tasked with building new anti-bodies in the face of new alien and infectious agents.

When a person develops Covid 19, all four of these factors play a role in their immune system.

It is unknown that how much immunity and immunological memory is obtained and how long this immunity takes.

Doctors say they have not been able to determine whether infected people may develop a new infection again. Further research is needed to differentiate between recurrences of a previous infection and The purpose of this research is to get people who have recovered exposed to the new virus again and to evaluate the reaction of their immune system, which is far from professional ethics.

Therefore, only the data written in journals and reputable sources are the result of following without intervention the affected and recovered people from Covid19.  According to a reputable scientific journal, continued safety following recovery from Covid 19 may be at least eight months.

In their study, the scientists were able to measure all four components of the immune memory of about 200 people who had recovered from Covid 19.

It will take approximately five to eight months from the onset of symptoms of Covid 19 that three of the four components listed above will still be able to maintain immunological memory in ninety-nine percent of these individuals.

The results indicate that immune system reactions are likely to be long-lasting, but over time the immune system will decline to some extent, which is normal.

A study of 254 blood samples isolated from 188 recovered individuals from the Covid 19 antibodies showed that the antibodies secreted by the recovered individuals were often against spikes on the surface of the coronavirus. And the virus enters the body cell with the help of spikes, which has remained constant in the isolated blood for at least six months since the onset of symptoms of Covid 19. It is interesting to note that forty-three of the study samples were taken six months after the onset of symptoms.

About two weeks after the onset of the symptoms of Covid 19, sixty percent of people with the disease had sufficient levels of antibodies to fight infection.

A recent study in the United Kingdom found that three months after the onset of the first symptoms of Covid 19, antibody levels dropped to 17 percent of baseline.

Collectively developing Covid 19 or herd safety is a dangerous idea that is violated by these findings.

A group of people in a community will be immune to the disease, which will protect people against the spread of the coronavirus, says Herd Immunity. Perhaps this study could also obscure the immunogenic effect of continued immunity from corona vaccination.

The head of a recent study says that most of the time a person may become infected again and the acquired immunity may not last long.

It is said that this research should be reviewed by other researchers in order to formalize it.

In a study by Chinese researchers, a group of thirty-seven symptomatic Covid19 patients were compared to thirty-seven asymptomatic patients.

This study says that the blood level of one of the most important antibodies that indicates immunity after recovery and is of the IgG type in the body of patients within two to three months, has decreased by up to ninety percent.

The average percentage of igG reduction in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients was about 70%.

Following this research, it has been suggested that any kind of immunity to Covid19 will probably be short-lived and transient.

If there is a mismatch in the immune system’s response to the coronavirus, disease and acute respiratory problems are likely. There is very little information these days about the innate immunity that is the first line of defense against sars co v 2.

Severe cases of the disease have been associated with an increase in neutrophils and a decrease in lymphocytes, both of which are the body’s main defense white blood cells. Antibodies in the blood serum of infected people when exposed to a live virus in a laboratory environment and neutralize the virus. Humoral is effective in activating the immune system of the infected person against the virus.