If you are one of those people who chronically feel that something is stuck in your throat.

If you think something is chronically stuck in your throat

If you need to clear your throat frequently

If you are looking for something to lift, you think that something is still stuck in your throat and this feeling hurts you.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the main reason for the above experiences.


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There are many reasons why some people feel that a body is stuck in their throat

Doctors call the feeling of something stuck in the throat called Globus pharyngitis. It is generally the restless mental state of the person that will cause the feeling of a lump or bullet getting stuck in the throat.

Sometimes a bite may get stuck in your throat and not move with repeated swallowing of saliva. This condition is called globus sensation. If a person cannot swallow, it means that he cannot swallow a solid bite or in more advanced cases, he cannot swallow fluids and even saliva. this problem will no longer be referred to as Globus Sensation.

This is called swallowing or dysphagia by doctors, which can be a sign of a lump or tumor in the throat or upper esophagus. So, Dysphagia, is a warning sign of a tumor or esophageal cancer, such as high-risk esophageal cancer, while globus sensation is not at all a sign of a high-risk underlying disorder.

The fact that a person constantly feels that a lump is stuck in his throat will be very annoying. It does not work


What causes globus to feel?

Why do people feel that something is stuck in their throat after vomiting or without any incident?

Globus or the sensation of a sticky body in the throat is caused by gastric reflux into the esophagus, or GERD.

Globus is thought to be the result of gastric juice returning to the esophagus and reaching the throat and larynx.



In terms of age, everyone in all age groups can experience the globus. Both children and adults can have this experience, but it is more common in adults than in children.

In adults, the prevalence of globus increases in middle age.

In terms of gender, women experience more globus than men.


Do people who have a sore throat try to swallow something?

  1. People who have globus have no problem swallowing and the swallowing process is completely normal in them. It is interesting that these people no longer have this globus sensation when eating.

Most people with gastroesophageal reflux disease will have a greater sense of globus when they experience increased stress and mental stress. The mechanism of Globus pharyngeus following stress is considered to be an increase in tone or contraction of the upper esophageal muscles.


If you are looking for a feeling of stickiness in your throat following vomiting, do not worry. This feeling of a lump is different from swallowing disorders.

Difficulty swallowing is a kind of blockage and obstruction in the passage of food from the mouth to the esophagus.

So in short, if you feel a lump in your throat or you think something is constantly stuck in your throat, you are probably one of the following divisions:


Globus pharynx

People who are more sensitive to stress and people who experience chronic anxiety experience Globus pharyngeus more than others.

Stress stimulates the stomach nerves and increases the secretion of gastric juice. Following these events, gastritis and indigestion occur more than others.

These people suffer more from the return of gastric juice and acid to the esophagus. Contact of gastric juice, which contains digestive enzymes and stomach acid with the throat and larynx, irritates, inflames and swells them. This inflammation and swelling is sometimes felt as a sticky body in the throat of people with GERD.

Sometimes gastroesophageal reflux disease is accompanied by nausea and increased food intake, so the experience of globus following nausea and vomiting can suggest the presence of gerd.

The most common clinical sign for gastroesophageal reflux disease is heartburn.

But sometimes without heartburn symptoms such as:


The impact of mental health problems

Psychological problems in sensitive and susceptible people can be associated with the following consequences:



In order to make a diagnosis of Globus pharyngitis caused by stress, we must first rule out other digestive problems that may be present in the throat and esophagus. In other words, there is no specific test for definitive diagnosis of Globus pharyngitis. Eliminating other causes would be equal to have a Globus pharyngeus.

So to get acquainted with the diagnosis process, read on

Examination of the throat and larynx with specialized tools

Examination of the pharyngeal junction with endoscopic instrument

Performing radiological study of esophagus and stomach, (barium swallowing test)

Blood tests to assess anemia, thyroid problems, and…

In the presence of gastric reflux into the esophagus, inflammation in the throat and sometimes inflammation, redness and swelling of the larynx and damage to the vocal cords will also be evident on direct examination of the throat and larynx.

If no evidence is found in the above studies, especially if the person is a woman and is under a certain amount of stress, a diagnosis of Globus pharyngeus is likely.



If the feeling of globus in your throat is followed by vomiting and gastroesophageal reflux is a diagnosis for you, medical treatment in addition to lifestyle modification is suitable for you, for example:


Drugs such as:


They are prescribed by a doctor. Sometimes it is necessary to use drugs such as metoclopramide to help increase the rate of gastric emptying. This drug should be used only with a doctor’s prescription and according to his instructions.


Treatment of Globus pharyngitis

The basis of treatment will be the control of stress and mental disorders of the affected person.

The most important treatment is to control the patient’s stress, those around him should accept that he has a problem and is sick and understand him.

It is better for these people to avoid eating salty and sour foods because these substances slow down the emptying of the stomach and use jams instead.