Cardiac pacemakers, or heart batteries, have the ability to detect slow heart rate and prevent cardiac arrest by sending controlled electrical current.

If you also have a heart pacemaker, we will introduce you to the important nutritional tips in people with heart batteries or pacemakers. As a person with a heart problem, you cannot use high amounts of sugar and salt without control, you need to follow important nutritional tips to stay healthy.

what can you not eat with pacemaker

Our doctors will continue to answer the following frequently asked questions:

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What is a heart pacemaker?

Pacemakers detect the slowing or stopping of your heartbeat or irregular heartbeat, and return the heart to normal function by emitting an appropriate electrical signal.

What are the types of cardiac pacemakers?

Pacemakers can be:


Depending on individual conditions.

The pacemaker can be single-cavity or double-cavity.

Observe nutritional tips

What can you not eat with a pacemaker?

Whatever your type of pacemaker is, it will be necessary to follow the nutritional tips after installing it:

Here are eight foods that cardiologists forbid you to consume:

Another important point is to control your blood sugar. If you have diabetes, you should keep your blood sugar balanced under the supervision of your doctor. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can be forbidden in diabetics. Ask how much you consume.

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