If the bad smell of your urine has worried you, in majority of cases it is not a sign of serious condition in your body but it may be the first sign of some diseases like dehydration, liver and kidney problems, pancreatitis, poisoning with some drugs or elements, infection, etc.

In the following you will read more about smelly urine and other symptoms that may be associated with it.

Normally, if you have a normal diet and your body water volume is normal, your urine will smell mild, and eating certain foods and beverages such as asparagus or coffee can change the smell of your urine to some extent.

It is important to know that if your urine has an undesirable odor and you are not dehydrated, this bad smell of urine may be a sign of an internal problem.

foul-smelling urine no pain

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Types of bad urine odors

Types of bad smelling urine include:

A person may experience bad smell continuously or occasionally. Persistent bad smell that lasts for several days can be due to an infection and bad smell of urine that persists for weeks and months can be due to liver problems, diabetes, etc. (untreated).

Not in all cases, but frequently pain and burning sensation accompanied bad smell when urinary tract infection is presented.

It is not possible to diagnose the exact cause of foul-smelling urine solely based on type of the odor, but there are some clues to guess the most probable cause.

For example, when someone senses sweet smell when urinates, it may be sign of diabetic mellitus of poor controlled diabetes.

Smell of ammonia may be happened when there is some congenital problem in some liver enzymes.

Urinary tract stones may cause bloody smell urine.

Who is most likely to have a bad urine odor?

The following groups are more prone to this complication

Later in this article we will discuss in detail some of these conditions.

How important and serious is foul smelling?

There are conditions that affect the importance of “foul smelling “, including:

  1. Not so serious cases:

Most cases of painless urine odor will be due to the following causes:

In these cases, in the absence of pain and other symptoms, there is no serious issue to consider.

  1. Items of moderate importance:

If you have bad smell of urine with one or more of the following, you need to see a doctor and get treatment:

  1. Very serious cases:

If you have pain with bad smell, or if you have fatigue and nausea with painless bad smell, do not miss the time to see a doctor.

Causes of smelly urine without pain

The following can cause dehydration:

People who take vitamin B6 or pyridoxine in doses above 10 mg per day may have foul-smelling painless urine.

Almost every medication you take, will excrete to some extent through urination. This excretion will cause urine to smell differently from normal. Depends on what medication you take, this odor may differ from sweety to foul smell.

People with diabetes will have a strong sweet-smelling urine that will be painless if they do not have urinary tract infections.

The excretion of toxins from the body in the urine, which are not cleared due to liver disorders, will cause a musty smell in the urine of patients.

Because our body make lots of metabolic waste with different chemical characteristics, excretion of these elements may cause different type of odor in the urine.

Urinary tract stones can cause bloody urine and bloody smell. Not all stones cause gross bloody urine. In most of the cases the blood is microscopic and not seen easily.

Although infection will cause lots of symptoms beside foul-smelling odor, but the later can be the only sign of urinary tract infection.

When to see a doctor

In cases where your smelly and painless urine is not accompanied by any of the above symptoms, you can use the following solutions at home

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