Height is one of the most important appearance factors that affects a person’s attractiveness. If you are a young person who is very short among your peers, it is natural that this issue has affected self-confidence. Is there a way to increase height after puberty?

A group of doctors around the age of 20 consider puberty to be the end of puberty and believe that after that, the growth will stop when the growth plates at the end of the bones close.

Because the age of onset of puberty is different for girls and boys, and boys begin puberty at older ages. Therefore, boys are more likely to grow taller after the age of 20 than girls

What are the medical ways to increase height after the age of 20? Is there a drug for increasing height? What are the effects of drugs for increasing height?

How to increase height after 22 by medicine?

In the following, we will answer the above question.


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At what age does a person grow taller?

The maximum height growth for girls will be until the end of eighteen years and the maximum height growth for boys will be until the end of their twenties, With the closure of the growth plates, it becomes impossible to increase the natural length of the bone, so any factor that is effective in height growth must be used and observed before the growth plates close.

Of course, in boys, the growth plates remain more open than in girls, which means that a 20-year-old boy is more likely to grow taller than a 20-year-old girl.


Factors affecting human height

The factors that affect the amount of human height are as follows:

Our height is the average height of our mother and father, but with a standard amount of decrease or increase, which is more in boys than girls

How tall your family members are, is very important to your final height.

Getting enough protein and minerals needed for ossification is essential for height growth

Do not neglect protein and dairy during the growing season, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are important for the ossification process, do not forget meat, legumes, fruits, dairy and fresh vegetables.

From all the food groups, fats, proteins and carbohydrates should be enough in your diet

Physical activities are essential for bone formation and bone growth.

Increased growth hormone, which plays an important role in increasing height, is highly dependent on the proper sleep cycle and time.

Therefore, it is necessary for children and adolescents to go to bed at a certain time at the age of growth so that night sleep and the night cycle of growth hormone secretion are not disturbed in them.

In summary, adequate and quality nutrition plus good physical activity plus good sleep along with heredity and genetics will help you reach the right height.

Growth hormone is very effective in the longitudinal growth of bones. The pituitary gland in the brain is responsible for the secretion of this hormone. Sleep and exercise are two factors that affect the secretion of this hormone. Nervous stimuli and the sleep-wake cycle affect GH secretion.

Doctors say that a lack of growth hormone secretion in childhood stops a person’s normal growth and short stature (dwarfism)


The effect of girls’ monthly cycle on height growth

Girls in early puberty have a leap in physical and height growth. They grow tall in the first few months of puberty, after which girls’ height growth almost stops.

So most of the height growth of girls occurs at the same time as the beginning of menstruation, but after that a few centimeters may be added to their height and this amount will be around eighteen years old.

Boys and girls have hormonal differences, and in addition to the late onset of puberty in boys, it causes boys to grow taller until they are in their twenties, and boys to grow taller than girls.


Do height-enhancing drugs work?

We have said that strengthening the factors influencing height before the end-of-bone growth plates close can have a positive effect on the final number of height.

Your doctor may prescribe bone-enhancing drugs to your child and teen before the growth plate closes.

These drugs usually contain micronutrients that need to be taken orally at this age. If these elements do not reach the body of children and adolescents through food, it is better to use these drugs or so-called height growth supplements. These growth drugs generally contain calcium, magnesium and zinc. Amino acids or proteins are essential for the skeletal skeletal system.

We emphasize that the use of these drugs is effective before the growth plates are closed, after the growth is completed and the growth plates are closed, it is no longer possible to increase height with natural methods.

With the completion of growth, exercise, nutrition, and other supplements can no longer increase height.

The only method that may increase height by a few centimeters after the age of twenty-two and generally after the growth plates have closed, is orthopedic surgery to increase height.


Height gain surgeries after the age of twenty-two

We said that around the age of twenty, height growth stops, so what can be done to increase height after the age of twenty?

Doctors believe that the only way to perform surgery is to increase the length of long bones.

These surgeries are not common and will not generally be performed routinely.

These surgeries are very expensive and can be expensive as well as very complicated.

In surgeries performed to increase height, the orthopedic surgeon creates controlled fractures in the tibia and femur and places special devices between the fracture components, and gradually increases the distance between the bones and also with some methods in these areas increases bone formation.

These procedures take a long time to recover, the patient has to endure a lot of pain, and the instruments placed in the bones of the foot have to stay in place for about a year.


Complications of height increase surgery

Improperly performing the techniques of these surgeries can damage nerve fibers and paralyze the leg muscles. The pain and discomfort of these surgeries mimic exactly what it looks like if your bones are broken.

During treatment, it is necessary to follow and receive a proper diet for bone formation

These surgeries are not performed on short people who are within the normal range of their community. Most of the people who will be suitable for these surgeries are:

People whose two legs are not the same length

They had a special disease that made them very short

Therefore, we do not recommend surgery for people who are short in stature or due to nutritional deficiencies but are in normal range.


Growth hormone injection

Your question may be, can growth hormone injection increase height after the age of twenty-two?

The injection of this hormone, if it is to be done, should be done only under the prescription of a specialist and before the end of longitudinal growth of bones. It is certain that not everyone will be selected for injection of growth hormone. If there is a deficiency of growth hormone, he should prescribe these regular and principled injections.


Is it possible to grow taller after the age of twenty?

We said that after the age of eighteen in girls and after the age of twenty in boys, height growth stops, so for most people, there will be virtually no increase in height after the age of twenty, even if they have healthy nutrition and proper exercise and adequate sleep.

But it can be said that there are exceptions

Closing growth plates is delayed in some people

The growth plates close around the age of eighteen to twenty due to the effects of sex hormones. Studies show that in most girls the bone growth plates close and become inactive around the age of sixteen and in boys around the age of nineteen and the actual longitudinal growth becomes bone.

Due to disc changes between the vertebrae of your spine, your height may vary by about one and a half centimeters.

Hard work can reduce height by compressing cartilage and fluid inside the disc between the vertebrae (compression and decompressing of the cartilage in spin).

Unfortunately, with the closure of growth plates, despite proper nutrition and exercise, longitudinal bone growth is not possible.

So having the right genetics along with nutrition and exercise and getting enough sleep before the age of 18 will be effective for height growth.

There are some drugs that lead to height increase in adults after the age of eighteen and sometimes twenty, but there is an important and basic condition for the effect of these drugs, for example the bone growth plate should not be closed.


Gigantism and hemochromatosis

Non-closure of growth plates in adults If accompanied by an increase in growth hormone, unfortunately it may end in a condition called gigantism. These people will be very tall and their growth plates will close around the age of twenty-two.

There is a disorder in the absorption of iron in the intestines that leads to the accumulation of iron in the body. An increase in the amount of iron in the body is called hemochromatosis. There is a type of hemochromatosis that may lead to an increase in height.


Height-enhancing drugs

Height-enhancing drugs include:

These will only be prescribed by a specialist doctor and only if the bone growth plates are open



With Anita somnifera


This plant should not be used in people with adrenal problems and people with hypertension.


The final word

Despite the introduction of the above, we must say that so far these drugs have not worked in people whose bone growth plates are blocked. In addition, these compounds in high doses can enter the body much more mercury than usual. and these drugs should not be used for breastfeeding and pregnant women and children.

We also recommend that you avoid consuming any herbal products without consulting your doctor.