The experience of hiccups is inevitable for all of us and will often go away on its own. You are probably familiar with a number of steps that will help you get rid of hiccups, but are these really effective ways to get rid of hiccups? We will introduce you to hiccups

How to get rid of hiccups pressure point?

How to get rid of hiccups pressure point?

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What is the role of pressure points in stopping hiccups?

Before we get into the methods of getting rid of hiccups, we must say that there are not many studies and researches to confirm the definite effectiveness of these methods.


What causes hiccups?

At the bottom of the chest, there is a thick muscle called the diaphragm, which is the border between the chest and the abdominal space. Whenever this muscle spasms, you get hiccups.

When the diaphragm spasms, you will have a sudden inhale and your vocal cords will snap shut, a process that causes you to hiccup.


Underlying causes of hiccups

Sometimes prolonged hiccups can be a clinical manifestation of a heart attack


How to get rid of hiccups?

Although there are still limited studies on their definitive efficacy, Ways to get rid of hiccups can be helpful in relieving non-chronic hiccups, which we will discuss below.


A small change in the position of your body or the way you breathe may help relieve hiccups, for example:


Try to inhale a volume of air into your lungs and hold your breath for about ten to twenty seconds, then exhale slowly.


Place the paper bag in front of your mouth and nose and inhale and exhale (never use a plastic bag)


Sit in a relaxed and comfortable place and place your knees in front of your chest and hug and stay in this position for about two minutes.

Pinch your nose with your hand and exhale with your mouth closed



In the following, we will answer the following question

How to get rid of hiccups pressure points?

There are parts of our body that are particularly sensitive to pressure

And rubbing these points with your hand can relieve diaphragm spasm and relieve your hiccups, and some of these spots can also affect the nerve that goes to the diaphragm and relieve diaphragm spasm and hiccups.


How to use pressure points to relieve hiccups?

Place your hand just below your sternum and squeeze

The diaphragm is the distance between the chest and the abdomen, and by pressing under the sternum, you can actually apply pressure to the diaphragm.

While swallowing, press both sides of your nose with two fingers at the same time

Bite your tongue, this will stimulate the muscles and nerves in the back of your throat

Press the thumb of the right hand on the palm of the left hand and vice versa

There are important carotid arteries on either side of your neck. Carotid massage may help stop hiccups, but this procedure is not recommended at all because it can cause cardiac arrest.


Other methods to help stop hiccups

Try to distract yourself from hiccups, for example, watch a movie, solve a table, and listen to music.


When to see a doctor?

In the following cases, you must see a doctor:

Chronic and recurrent hiccups can be caused by the following causes:

Sometimes, if your hiccups are prolonged and you do not have a problem with your general health check-up, your doctor will prescribe the following medications according to your condition:


Prevention of hiccups

By observing the following points, you will get less hiccups:

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