Whatever threatens the area of peace and security of our soul and body, causes you to experience stress and anxiety, these days, what has disturbed our peace is the fear and stress of getting covid 19 in ourselves and those around us, it’s as if the covid 19 Pandemic is a full-blown war.

Our health, our income, and perhaps the livelihoods of families around the world these days are affected by a potentially dangerous stressors called covid 19.

What are some ways to deal with stress and anxiety in these new situations?

What can we do to reduce the severity of our stress in the current situation?

How to cope with stress and anxiety in the new normal?

Too often, the solutions that existed to control and cope with our stresses and anxieties before the covid 19 pandemic are no longer effective.


According to studies and speeches of world famous doctors, what effective solutions can reduce the severity of your stress and anxiety in these conditions?

According to the studies and speeches of world famous doctors, we present some effective solutions that can reduce the severity of your stress and anxiety in these situations.


Every day, when you wake up every morning, you find yourself in the midst of a changed set of circumstances.

Daily shopping is no longer possible as it was in the past.

You can no longer visit and sit next to your grandparents and drink your afternoon tea when you come from work.

It is not possible to celebrate a birthday by inviting family and friends as in previous years.

Many of you may have lost your job and income, or your income may have dropped dramatically, many trips are not possible at all these days.


Our energy and attention cannot always be spent on a vague future, in order to survive we must avoid many frustrating, critical, boring and stressful thoughts, so accept that there are changes and then adapt to the conditions.

For example you can visit your local supermarket at longer intervals by wearing a mask and observing the appropriate distance, and buy only the essentials and stay in the supermarket for a short time.

If you cannot buy food and sandwiches at work like before from restaurants and cafes, practice freezing food in the freezer and you no longer have to spend your limited money and income buying groceries online.

Find similar online groups, join them So that you do not suffer from daily life and boredom


Regular, non-heavy physical activity has been shown to reduce the amount and intensity of stress and anxiety.

Regular exercise saves you from the tedious repetition of daily tasks.

Exercising these days will make you healthier and happier than your non-athlete friends.

With exercise, endorphins are released, the endorphins that are released from your brain after exercise, make you feel good. Exercise stimulates the production and secretion of anti-stress hormones.


You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy sports equipment or register in the club, a simple bike ride even with a rental bike can allow you to be very comfortable

If cycling is not possible, walk slowly for half an hour in the open air away from the crowd.


You do not have to listen to disappointing TV news every day.

You do not have to be constantly searching for information and news and the death of covid nineteen.

Use TV and the Internet for your hobbies, watch sports, cooking, or fashion.

Watch exciting series with your family members.


From the information, it is enough to know how to protect yourself and those around you from catching the disease of covid 19.

We confirm that you receive your information only from reputable sources such as WHO or CDC.

Enjoy being at home, now you have more time to be with family members, enjoy being with your loved one and have more fun with your pet.

Experience gardening at home.

Learn more individual skills.


Know that no matter how long it takes, the covid 19 Pandemic will eventually ends.

No one knows what day it will be, but it will finally come.

You do not need to pollute your mind with negative and annoying information.

Write down for yourself on paper what you will do after the pandemic and quarantine, look at your hopeful writings.