Have you ever experienced painful breathing? The severity of lung hurting can be mild, moderate, and severe.

Lung hurting can cause difficulty in breathing in addition to pain.

In the following we will say how do I stop my lung hurting when I breathe?


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What factors can cause painful breathing, discomfort and burning in your lungs?

There are several factors that can cause painful breathing, discomfort and burning in your lungs, for example:

If you have painful breathing, especially if you have a history of illness or a specific disorder, it is best to be checked by a doctor.


What are the causes of painful breathing and burning lungs when breathing?

In inflammations and infections of the lungs, breathing will be more difficult, especially when you are lying on your back.

In addition to the above reasons, painful breathing can also be caused by heart disease; the feeling of pain and burning in the chest, nausea, and sweating can be considered as accompanying symptoms in heart problems.


What can we do to prevent burning lungs when breathing?

Treating each of the causes of painful breathing is different, therefore, leave the correct diagnosis of burning lungs when breathing to your doctor.


What treatments are used to improve painful breathing under appropriate conditions?

The following treatments are used to improve painful breathing under appropriate conditions:

  1. Change position
  2. Adequate rest
  3. Meditation


  1. Change your position:

Place the soles of your feet on the floor and lean forward slightly. To stay in this position, place your elbows on your knees, You can lean forward while sitting and put your head on the table.

Try to relax your neck and shoulder muscles completely.

Spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Lean against the wall with your pelvis while leaning forward slightly with your hands on your thighs.

Completely relax your shoulder and neck muscles.

  1. Rest:

When you have a burning sensation in the lungs during exercise, sit down and Sit down and watch if your painful breathing improves with rest.

  1. Meditation

If painful breathing interferes with your physical activity, you can substitute lighter exercises such as yoga or Tai chi. Meditation and these exercises will help you relax and improve your breathing.

Both of these methods can improve the burning of your lungs by breathing in the short term.


What can we do in the long run to avoid lung damage and painful breathing?

If you are looking for ways to avoid long-term lung damage and painful breathing:

Medications for people with COPD and asthma are needed to reduce breathing problems. Ask your doctor about breathing exercises. One of these exercises that improves your breathing is the use of diaphragmatic breathing technique. Diaphragmatic breathing is Deep, which, if continued, will improve breathing and reduce the pain and burning of your lungs while breathing.


In what cases should we see a doctor?

If you have lung burning while breathing, In the following cases, you should see a doctor for examination: