Following overeating, one of the most annoying conditions that occurs is nausea.

What can we do to reduce nausea after overeating?

What can we do to get rid of nausea after overeating?

By reading the article below, you will find the answers to the above questions

Nausea creates an unpleasant sensation that occurs after the stomach fills up and you overeat, and you feel that you want to vomit the contents of your stomach at any moment.

Your nausea may not be related to overeating at all and may be caused by a viral infection (called gastric flu) or you may experience nausea after inhaling an unpleasant odor.

Hormonal changes such as pregnancy, taking birth control pills and gastrointestinal disorders can also be associated with nausea.


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What can we do to get rid of annoying nausea?

Consider the following strategies:

By lying down, the contents of the stomach can be pushed back more easily and your nausea will intensify.

Lying down after eating too much can make gastroesophageal reflux worse and cause heartburn and nausea.

So if you are nauseous after overeating, do not lie down, sit down and try to keep your body and chest straight.


You can put a thin towel in the freezer and then put it behind your neck. Cool compresses can help relieve it by lowering your body temperature following nausea.

It is best to hold the cold compress behind your neck for a few minutes to lower your body temperature.


For example, open a door or window or turn on the fan and air conditioner.

Fresh air will quickly improve the condition and symptoms in many people with nausea after overeating. The cause of this effect has not yet been determined. Perhaps the reason for this pleasant effect is the removal of unpleasant odors, or perhaps your thoughts and mind are focused on something else from nausea. If you have nausea, it is better to expose yourself to fresh and current air in the first few minutes.

Sit in front of an open door or window, turn on the fan or air conditioner. These measures will play a very effective role in reducing nausea, especially after overeating


It is said that the pressure points related to nausea are located on the surface inside the wrist, sometimes applying pressure on these specific points helps to control nausea.

Acupressure is considered as an alternative treatment to reduce nausea.


To reach these pressure points, simply move two and a half inches from the surface inside your wrist to the calf. There are nodules between two large tendons

To reduce your nausea, you can gently perform circular motions on this point. Keep doing this for a few minutes.


Instead of focusing on your full stomach and nausea, focus on something else! For example, read a book, watch TV, play with your cell phone, or play with your children and pets.


Deep breathing itself is an important and effective meditation technique, but in general, this technique is effective in reducing nausea caused by stress.



Use the following to cure the unpleasant feeling caused by overeating:


You do not need to make yourself worse by eating more. Try not to eat for at least two hours.

If you are thirsty, you can drink water slowly and in small sips, but do not suddenly ingest a large amount of water into your stomach.

Allow the body to digest food

Do not lie down or sleep at all, it is best to sit and lean on a flat back.


Some researchers say that drinking a cup of lwarm water mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar will help your digestion.


The strong anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric may be able to fight the inflammation caused by overeating. You can mix turmeric with hot water and lemon and taste.


Drink green tea to stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your appetite.


Ginger can reduce nausea.

Ginger relieves discomfort in the muscles of the stomach, esophagus and abdomen and allows digestive gases to flow more easily and better.


Some also recommend mint tea. Mint is helpful in reducing abdominal cramps, but be aware that peppermint can worsen reflux by loosening the sphincter at the end of the esophagus.

Some people believe that after overeating, eat a bowl of Greek yogurt with berries. The lactobacilli in yogurt can reduce stomach congestion and heaviness and indigestion caused by overeating and reduce nausea.


The final word

Overeating usually occurs following restlessness and mental stress or after a long period of starvation.

When overeating, the brain does not issue the command to be full in time, and therefore it is nausea or heartburn that makes us aware of our overeating. So try not to suddenly fill your stomach after a long period of hunger, and also avoid eating large amounts of food in times of anxiety and stress.