Inflammatory ear pain can be accompanied by severe pain around the ear, inflammatory ear pain can also spread to your jaw, mouth and teeth.

Sometimes problems with the jaw, such as the jaw joint (TMJ), can cause earache.

If you have ear pain that is accompanied by jaw pain and jaw hurts, read on.


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What are the causes of ear and jaw pain?

Your ear has complex structures and components; these components are located near the mandibular bone so it is not strange that you say

“I have an earache and my jaw hurts”

In other words, a problem with your ear or jaw can potentially affect an adjacent organ.

Even problems with the components inside the mouth can be accompanied by pain and discomfort in the jaw, and sometimes there are referral pains that affect the ear and jaw at the same time.


What are the common causes of concomitant ear and jaw pain?

In the following, we will briefly describe the common causes that lead to simultaneous ear and jaw pain.


Water entering the ear canal, etc. can cause bacteria to enter the ear and cause infection, inflammation and swelling of the ear canal.

In this condition, you have severe ear pain, the pain spreads around the inflamed ear, and at the same time, due to the proximity of the jaw to the ear, you will also have jaw pain.


Facial sinuses are spaces with bone walls that open into the outer walls of the nose. Allergic stimuli, infectious agents, for example, during a cold, a simple viremia can cause inflammation of the mucous cells in the walls of the facial sinuses.

In these cases, you may experience pain and jaw pain at the same time.


Tempromandibular joint, which is Called TMJ or TMjoint for short, is where the temporal or temporal bone joins the mandibular bone and is located right next to your ear. Disorders of this joint are accompanied by pain in the ears and jaw and sometimes pain in the teeth and mouth.

Fifteen percent of adults, regardless of age or gender, have TMJ disorders.

Disorders of this joint are common causes of earache and facial pain.

TMJoint disorders can be secondary to the following problems:



Pain around the ear and TM joint can be present in migraine headaches.

Some people say that the presence of pain and discomfort around the ear and TM joint can trigger migraines.


Inflammation and problems with your gums and teeth can go hand in hand with jaw and ear pain if left untreated.

Lower facial and neck pain, pain that gets worse as you sleep and lie down can also be experienced in this collection.

Another case of dental problems is Teeth grindin, if you have gritted teeth, this problem, in addition to disturbing sleep and causing unevenness in the teeth, can cause jaw pain and facial and ear pain and TMJ pain. And diagnosing the cause of your ear and jaw pain at the same time requires a complete history and a thorough examination by a doctor.

If inflammation and infections of the ear or sinuses or teeth and gums are the cause of the pain, specialized treatment is sufficient to relieve the pain.


Treatment of TM joint disorders

Regarding the treatment of TM joint disorders, you should know that about forty percent of people with pain recover on their own due to disorders of this joint, and only five to ten percent of people in need of treatment are recommended to treat the following:

In very severe cases, surgery will sometimes be needed.


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