Penile itching can be so annoying that it ruins your day.

What causes Male privet soon itching?

What can be done to eliminate penile itching?

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Causes of itching in male privet area

Genital herpes is caused by an infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV)

They are small, itchy blister-like blisters, often clustered, painful, and forming on the penis and external genitalia. These itchy blisters may be accompanied by fever and lethargy. By scratching your skin lesions, you may spread the infection to other areas of your skin.

Crusts may form on the lesions.

Avoid sexual intercourse at this time as the virus will be transmitted to your sexual partner through sexual intercourse.

In genital herpes, the itchy rash usually appears two to twelve days after intercourse and sexual intercourse with the infected person, after a few days the itchy and painful blisters will burst and they will improve after two weeks at most, but may recur.


It is a type of yeast infection in men, also known as male trush.

Candidiasis in men often forms on the head of the penis.

Doctors sometimes call the male candidiasis (candidiasis balanitis).

This fungal infection can be transmitted in other ways besides having sex with an infected person.

In general, men are less likely to get candidiasis than women. Candidiasis is more common in men in the following groups:


Symptoms of candidiasis in men

We said that candidiasis often affects the head of the penis, but if left untreated, the infection can spread to the groin skin, scrotum, and even the intergluteal cleft.

Wearing tight underwear and pants makes people susceptible to this infection.


In psoriasis, which is an inflammatory disorder of the skin and mucous membranes, the skin becomes red and scaly.

Due to the wetness of the genital area, it may not be noticeable that the lesion is scaly.

In the external genitalia of men and on the penis of men, psoriasis lesions appear as red and itching patches.


If the skin of the external genitalia comes in contact with a stimulant, it may develop reactive dermatitis.

If you use latex condoms, the penis may become inflamed, red, and sometimes scaly. Dermatitis contact on the penis will usually be red, inflamed bumps that are very itchy.


Itching and dryness are the main symptoms of eczema.

Eczema of the penis manifests itself as dryness of the skin of the penis


It causes severe itching which sometimes causes wound in the area during scratching.


Occurs after shaving with a razor or wax.


After shaving the area with a razor, inflamed, itchy patches may develop. It is recommended to use lubricants or shaving foams for the genital area.


The disease manifests itself in the form of small, highly itchy masses on the penis.

There is often itching and involvement in other parts of the skin.

This parasitic disease is transmitted to you through sexual intercourse and physical contact with an infected person.


Itching treatment solutions in men private parts

Depending on the cause of the itching of the penis and the external genitalia of men, we will list the ways to treat this complication:


If the cause of itching of the penis is balanitis candidiasis, your doctor will help with antifungal medications.

In fungal balanitis, topical clotrimazole and imidazol creams are prescribed for use on the trunk and head. In Adults oral fluconazole may also be given.

It is recommended that:


There is no cure for genital herpes.

Doctors use antiviral drugs to help prevent the spread and the progression of viral infections. By taking these drugs, your infection will be more limited and transmission to another will be reduced.

Acyclovir or Zovirax

Famcyclovir or famvir

Valacyclovir or valttrex

They are administered orally.

In very severe forms, doctors sometimes use injectable acyclovir.


Other treatments for male genital itching

Topical triamcinolone

It is used for a limited period to reduce inflammation and control itching, in dermatitis contact and eczema.

Oral loratadine and citrizin are used to relieve itching caused by allergies and eczema.


To prevent itching of the penis, follow these tips


When should we see a doctor?

If you have severe itching that has not healed, if you have an abnormal discharge from the penis with itching, if you have sores and skin rashes with itching, be sure to see a doctor.