If you suffer from heartburn and chest irritation or if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD and you are looking for a way to balance the acidity of your stomach acid, in the following we will tell you “Keeping your stomach acid ph level balanced”.


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What are some ways in which stomach acid can be balanced?

Doctors know stomach acid as gastric acid, stomach acid is essential for the digestive process, so both the lack of stomach acid and the increased secretion and return to the esophagus will be both harmful and troublesome.


normal ph level for gastric or stomach acid

Suitable ph for stomach is one and a half to three and a half. The volume of gastric secretions, of which gastric acid will be a part, should be about twenty milliliters to one hundred milliliters.


How do we know that our stomach acid levels are higher than normal?

The following signs and symptoms will occur if there are excessive amounts of stomach acid.


Ways to prevent gastric reflux

To improve gastric reflux, it is better to observe the following points:


How to balance the acidity and pH of our stomach?


The reason is the low level of stomach acid

If your stomach acid is low, there may be many reasons for this problem:

Despite the above reasons, stress and poor diet consumption is also the most common cause of low stomach acid:

They can sometimes cause digestive problems by reducing the amount of stomach acid