If low back pain is bothering you, you should know that the cause of this pain, in addition to the skeletal and muscular causes involving the spine, can be kidney stones or UTI urinary tract infections.

Is there a difference between the symptoms of kidney stones and the symptoms of UTI?

What is the difference between kidney stones and urinary tract infections?

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Kidney stone symptoms vs uti


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Causes of kidney pain

Kidney pain can have the following causes:

Kidney stones; the presence of stones in the ureter, stones in the bladder and the presence of stones in the urethra.


Kidney tissue infection or pyelonephritis

Infection of the urinary system, which is located in the kidneys and is called glomeruli or glomerulonephritis.

Infection of the ureters

Bladder infections called cystitis

Urethral infections called urethritis

The above set of infections is called UTI

Urinary tract infections


What is the difference between the symptoms of urinary tract infections or UTIs and kidney and urinary tract stones?

Decreasing the volume of urine produced, which is accompanied by an increase in urine concentration, increases the deposition of minerals in the urine and will lead to the formation of most types of kidney and urinary tract stones.

Urinary stones form in the kidneys or bladder in which the accumulation of urine and the deposition of urinary material occurs.

Kidney stones may not have any particular signs or symptoms, which can delay their diagnosis or misdiagnosis.

The stone produced in the kidney enters the ureter after leaving the renal pelvis and enters the bladder after passing through the ureter.

ureter and block the flow of urine from the kidneys down, so in these cases, the urine returns to the kidneys and inflammation of the kidneys occur. Accumulation of urine can also increase the risk of kidney infection.


Symptoms of kidney stones

The most common symptoms of kidney stones are:

In the following you will read the symptoms of UTI.

After reading the whole article, you can compare the symptoms of kidney stones and UTI yourself.However, it should be noted that in many cases, excreted kidney stones can in themselves lead to urinary tract infections.


What are the clinical symptoms of uti?


Symptoms of urinary tract infection in children

In children, the symptoms of urinary tract infections can be as follows:

Due to the short length of the urethra in women compared to men and also the proximity of the urethra to the vagina and proximity to the anus, urinary tract infections are more common in women than men.


Symptoms of urinary tract infection in the elderly

Sometimes in the elderly or people with urinary catheters, the symptoms of a urinary tract infection are as follows: