You must have heard the saying that people say “my foot is asleep”, almost all of us have experienced the tingling of the legs from the knees down, especially when we get up after long sittings.

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Is numbness in the lower leg a serious and important complication?

Join us to find the answers to your questions about tingling in the legs below the knee.

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What causes Left tingling from knee down?

Numbness and tinkling in the lower leg occur for the same reasons on our right and left.

The reasons are:

It is a very common occurrence for people to get numbness and tingling of the left or right foot after sitting for a long time, especially sitting cross-legged. What is the cause of this incident?

Blood supply to nerve fibers is disrupted in those parts of your legs that are under prolonged pressure when sitting. And you feel this process in the form of tingling and numbness in your lower leg, and when you change your position and stand up, you gradually improve as normal blood flow is restored, therefore, this Left Leg tingling from knee down will be harmless, temporary and transient.

• During intense exercises:

Some strenuous exercise may prevents normal blood flow and proper blood supply to your legs and lower legs. For example, long runs may put pressure on nerve fibers, or wearing inappropriate, tight sneakers may put pressure on the nerves and their blood vessels, this type of left leg tingling from the knee down is less common than the previous case and will resolve on its own.

But if we skip these two common and safe causes of transient Left Leg tingling from knee down, we should note that sometimes the cause of tingling of the leg can be serious, it may be a side effect of drugs or a warning of an important and serious complication.

Diabetes is associated with changes and inflammation in the walls of arteries. Usually, the thin and delicate vessels that supply blood to the nerves also change and are damaged in diabetes. Therefore, following the disruption of blood flow to the nerve fibers, a set of disorders and problems occur in the nerves of the body that are located outside the brain and spinal cord, which are called neuropathy. In diabetics, nerve neuropathy is common in the legs and lower knees and can cause Left Leg tingling from the knee down.

Diabetic neuropathy can be accompanied by cramps in the legs and imbalance when walking.

Sometimes a person’s immune system alienates a person’s central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, and begins to destroy it, MS is an autoimmune disorder that can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms.

The following are some of the first signs of MS:

When the roots of the spinal cord nerve in the lumbar region are pressed as they exit the vertebrae (in young people the pressure is due to a herniated disc between the vertebrae and in the elderly osteoarthritis of the vertebrae); Or the main trunks of the large nerves that move from the waist to the legs are put under pressure by a muscle or tumor, There is pain that may spread from the back to the soles of the feet and toes.

These suicidal pains are called radicular pains, which can be accompanied by numbness, murmurs, and tingling in the legs below the knee.

The nerve that reaches your foot from the leg and ankle may be under pressure in some areas. This pressure creates a set of symptoms in your lower leg called the tarsal tunnel syndrome, and it can cause you to feel the sharp pain and so-called shooting pain and sometimes burning pain and tingling in your legs.

Prolonged exposure to prolonged cold can be a reason for left leg tingling from the knee down, numbness in the legs and tingling of the feet are common in frostbite, and Frostbite is one of the cases that requires immediate and urgent medical attention and delay in treatment can even lead to amputation.

When the walls of the arteries in your legs become stiff (this is called atherosclerosis), the space inside the vessel, where blood flows, becomes very narrow, so Adequate blood supply to the lower legs is impaired and causes the following symptoms:

People with peripheral arterial problems are more likely to have coronary heart disease and be at risk for heart attack and stroke.

What to do to remove the numbness and Left leg tingling from knee down?

In cases where the cause of numbness and tingling in your foot is not one of the serious cases mentioned above, you can use the following methods to eliminate it:

Left leg tingling from knee down

Cold compresses reduce inflammation and swelling, and warm compresses improve blood flow and relax your muscles.

The type of compress will depend on the underlying cause of Left leg tingling from knee down, but if you do not know the exact cause, you can use both compresses to see which one is best for you.

In what cases should we see a doctor despite Left leg tingling from knee down?

Do not worry if you occasionally experience numbness, tingling, in your feet, This is completely normal, but if the tingling in your feet is persistent, recurrent, or does not go away on its own, take it seriously and Be sure to see your doctor. Also, if your Left leg tingling from knee down is accompanied by one or more of the following, it is necessary to see a doctor: