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Doctors say that alcohol and caffeine are the main factors that can cause toxic changes in the liver. Doctors say that reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeinated beverages causes the liver to be detoxified or the so-called general cleansing of the liver by reducing Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are recommended.

However, some articles suggest that consuming caffeinated coffee in moderation may help reduce liver enzyme levels that have risen during alcohol poisoning.

If we want to name the best way to cleanse the liver, the way that can regenerate damaged liver cells and provide you with the best liver function is to stop consuming alcoholic beverages. In the following, we want to talk about detoxification of the liver that has suffered from alcohol-related injuries.

liver and alcohol
The liver is one of the vital internal organs in our body. The liver is responsible for clearing the body of toxins that are circulating in the bloodstream. It is responsible for making vital proteins and also plays an important role in the absorption and breakdown of fats.


What changes occur in your liver following alcohol consumption?

It goes on to explain that when a person drinks too much alcohol for many years, the healthy tissue of the person’s liver first undergoes changes to deal with the damage. If the damage (that means, the arrival of toxins caused by alcohol continues), it causes the liver cells to become inflamed. These inflamed cells eventually turn into scar tissue or fibrous tissue that don’t function if left untreated and alcohol consumption continues.

Thus, as this process continues, healthy and functional liver tissue will be replaced by scar tissue that has no function. As the disease progresses, scar tissue will replace large volumes of healthy tissue.


What should be done by a doctor for people who have chronic alcohol consumption?

It is important for physicians to screen all people who have been consuming alcohol for a long time ,also, all patients whose liver has been damaged as a result of alcohol consumption should be prohibited from consuming alcohol by a physician.

It is also recommended that people who are looking for alcohol toxicity in severe stages of liver damage, as well as people who are unable to reduce or control their alcohol intake, stop taking corticosteroids by their doctor. It should be noted that liver transplantation is the last option that can save a patient’s life when the liver completely fails due to damage and inflammation caused by alcohol toxicity.

If liver care is not performed in time due to alcohol toxicity, the final stage of liver disease is followed by alcohol consumption and abuse for patients. The only way to save the patient from death is liver transplantation. This is the importance of detoxifying the liver after injury. The effects of alcohol consumption are evident

Before detoxifying the liver following alcohol-induced liver damage, it is best to get a little familiar with the symptoms of liver involvement following alcohol consumption.


What is the importance of the liver in the body?

The liver is said to be the second largest internal organ in the human body, located below the ribs above the abdomen on the right side. The liver of an adult of average weight and height will weigh about one and a half kilograms.


The liver has different functions in our body, including the following:

  1. The liver plays an important role in detoxifying our body
  2. The liver plays an important role in the synthesis of many vital proteins in our body, including the role of the liver in making vital proteins for the immune system. Many of our body’s coagulation factors are produced in the liver. The liver is also one of the major organs that metabolizes what we eat and prepares it for use in our body cells.


Effects of alcohol on the liver

Alcohol can damage and destroy liver cells and kill them, finally, it can replace damaged normal liver cells with dysfunctional scar fibrous tissue.

The liver can break down the alcohol you consume so that the body can excrete the toxins from the breakdown. When a person consumes too much liver alcohol.

The liver is no longer able to process alcohol consumption, so following the continuation of alcohol consumption, liver cells will be seriously and permanently damaged.


What are the different types of liver disease caused by alcohol?

Doctors say alcohol can cause three main types of liver disease and liver disorders:

  1. The first disorder: alcoholic fatty liver disease
  2. Second disorder: alcoholic hepatitis
  3. The third disorder: alcoholic cirrhosis


Now, get acquainted with the characteristics of the above diseases:


  1. Alcoholic fatty liver disease

When a person consumes alcohol constantly, the storage of fat in his liver cells increases and alcoholic fatty liver disease occurs. In fact, it is said that the first phase of liver diseases related to alcohol is alcoholic fatty liver. Alcoholic fatty liver has no symptoms in its early stages, but when a person with alcoholic fatty liver disease is in more advanced stages, he / she will gradually develop symptoms.

Symptoms will be as follows:


In liver function tests, an increase in liver enzymes, that is, predominantly, an increase in liver transaminases in alcoholic fatty liver is quite evident, which is said that if alcohol is completely stopped, they may return to normal.


  1. Alcoholic hepatitis

In this disorder, fat builds up in the liver. Following alcohol-induced damage, the liver becomes inflamed, causing some fibrous tissue and scarring.

Symptoms include:


In these cases, liver tests are definitely high and liver function tests are impaired

25% of people who drink a lot of alcohol are affected by this phase. 55% of all people with hepatitis develop liver cirrhosis.

Alcoholic hepatitis has a wide range can be mild or severe. Alcoholic hepatitis in the early stages may be reversed by stopping alcohol. Sometimes severe alcoholic hepatitis may appear suddenly and cause serious complications such as sudden liver failure and death.


  1. Alcoholic cirrhosis

Irreversible complications when liver cirrhosis is advanced such as ascites, bacterial inflammation of the peritoneum or bacterial peritonitis, Hepatic encephalopathy

Esophageal varices bleeding

Occurs with it.

In these cases, if one of these symptoms occurs, the patient will be a candidate for liver transplantation. The most advanced type of liver damage caused by alcohol is liver cirrhosis.

Liver Cirrhosis cells are severely damaged, often irreversibly, and the natural structure of the liver is severely disrupted.


10 to 20% of heavy drinkers will develop liver cirrhosis. The symptoms may be similar to those of severe alcoholic hepatitis.


Another point is that even with cessation of alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver will not be reversible, and avoiding alcohol consumption can improve the signs and symptoms of liver disease to some extent and slow its progression, in other words, prevent further damage.

The following is a summary of the progression of liver involvement following disease-consuming alcohol and patients who have had heavy alcohol use for a long time:


Most of these people experience alcoholic fatty liver disease and over time, after consuming more alcohol, they develop alcoholic hepatitis and eventually may develop alcoholic cirrhosis.

Many consumers may suddenly develop acute liver failure and liver cirrhosis without experiencing the hepatitis stage of alcoholism.

Some alcoholics who develop alcoholic hepatitis are sometimes unaware of the problem because they do not have any specific symptoms. Alcohol consumption can also worsen liver damage from non-alcoholic liver diseases, such as chronic hepatitis C.


What affects the liver’s vulnerability to alcohol?

How sensitive a person is and the toxic effects of alcohol in each person depends on several factors. Some of these factors are as follows:

Many scientific references recommend that you consult a doctor to determine the amount of alcohol consumption that causes liver damage for each person.


What can be done to prevent the toxic effects of alcohol on liver?

We said that the first stage of liver damage caused by alcohol poisoning in most people is alcoholic fatty liver disease.

A small percentage of heavy drinkers may suddenly develop liver failure without any symptoms , therefore, in order to prevent fatty liver, it is better to observe the following items.

If you are overweight, lose weight because being overweight increases the risk of developing alcoholic fatty liver. Choose a healthy and balanced diet. Follow a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to exercise regularly. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

In the following, you will get acquainted with liver cleansing methods.


Methods of liver cleansing due to alcohol toxicity

  1. Drink the right fluids

Doctors say that in order to reduce liver toxicity, we should reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeinated compounds, because alcohol and caffeine are the main factors that can cause damage to liver cells. By reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeinated beverages, the liver cleansing process begins However, some articles say that the use of caffeinated coffee reduces the level of liver enzymes in liver damage caused by alcohol, but if we want to achieve the best results for cleansing and regenerating the liver, stop consuming alcoholic beverages, but not in a Suddenly, but according to scientific principles and under the supervision of a doctor, we should name it.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Abundant water, which is recommended by doctors in the amount of 2 liters per day, will detoxify and remove toxins from the liver. When you drink enough water during the day, it is said that toxins leave your liver and body faster.

When you drink plenty of water, the cells become hydrated. Hydration stimulates cell repair and regeneration. Also, when the body is hydrated, the liver receives more toxins through the bloodstream and purifies more toxins, and liver function improves and you will also feel more energetic.

  1. Add fresh lemons to the diet

Be sure to drink fresh lemon juice in water or tea, daily.

Fresh lemon juice stimulates the production of bile by the liver and also causes more detoxification by the liver. It is said that fresh lemon also prevents the formation of gallstones and improves gastrointestinal motility and intestinal function.

  1. Consumption of green tea

Green tea is made up of many types of antioxidants. One of these antioxidants, called catechins, can improve liver function and reduce the storage of fat in liver cells.

  1. natural fruit smoothies

Natural fruits Berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries (due to their antioxidant content) increase the health of the body. These fruits contain a variety of organic substances that lower blood sugar levels, help burn fat. And generally reduce the risk of developing fatty liver.

  1. Experience fasting

Fasting is a safe way to cleanse the liver of toxins as well as alcohol. Many fasting models involve eating fruits and vegetables, or you may only be allowed to drink fruit juices and vegetable juices for a period of treatment at some of these fasting.

There are various methods and ways to cleanse the liver by observing fasting, it is better to go to the doctor and consult with the doctor, choose the appropriate option for your age, gender and health conditions.

  1. Eat healthy food

Foods that damage the liver should be avoided. Processed foods that contain large amounts of preservatives and fats accelerate the accumulation of fat in the liver.

If you want to restore the normal activity of your liver cells and regenerate the damaged cells of your liver, you should avoid consuming this kind of foods.

To detoxify the liver, it is better to pay attention to the following:

Avoid French fries as well as ready-made meat products, Fatty red meat, Fried foods, Avoid processed fats altogether as these can seriously impair liver function.

Among the processed oils and fats, we should mention the types of margarines and hydrogenated oils. Also, avoid using artificial sweeteners, artificial food colors and artificial preservatives. In general, the best way to cleanse the liver is to follow a natural, organic and healthy diet.

Some vegetables contain the anti-inflammatory substance beta-carotene, which helps repair liver cells and protect them from toxins, such as dark leafy vegetables ,such as spinach.

Spinach is said to stimulate liver cell growth and vegetables such as beets can protect the bile ducts from toxic damage. It is said to include at least 5 servings of fresh vegetables a day in your schedule to achieve liver health.

Spinach chicory and bitter gourd mustard leaves as well as arugula are among the vegetables that play an important role in detoxifying the liver following the effects of alcohol. Among the vegetables that are recommended to be consumed are garlic. Garlic contains selenium, which helps protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol. Today, a variety of garlic supplements with garlic pills are available for people who hate the taste and smell of garlic.

It is a fruit that is rich in vitamins and various types of antioxidants and can help you cleanse your liver and restore your health and liver. It also modulates liver detoxification enzymes. Doctors say there is a flavonoid compound in grapefruit that helps the liver burn fat instead of storing it.

It should be noted that if you consume a lot of grapefruit, it inhibits an important liver enzyme called cytochrome p450. This cytochrome causes the breakdown of many foods and drugs in the body. Excessive consumption of grapefruit inhibits this enzyme. It may cause toxins to accumulate in the body due to certain medications.

Other fruits that are recommended to use in the liver detoxification program should be mentioned. Avocado has compounds that produce glutathione. These compounds will prevent the accumulation of toxins in your liver. Among other foods, you should mention walnuts. There is a high level of amino acid called L-arginine as well as omega-3 in walnuts, which plays a key role in clearing the liver of pathogenic ammonia.

Stressful situations cause some hormones to enter the bloodstream, and increasing the production of these hormones and their presence in the bloodstream can accelerate the deposition of toxins in the liver. If you want to have a healthy liver, stressful situations will be avoided as much as possible. Do yoga and meditation in your life. The next thing we recommend to do for people who want to detoxify the liver is that you use natural home cleansing products when you are exposed to chemicals. Make more effort to break down the toxins from inhaling these substances and prepare them for disposal, so instead of synthetic detergents, it is better to use detergents that have more organic substances and thus reduce your exposure to chemicals.

The air contains toxins that enter the body after respiration and circulate throughout the body. When you inhale ambient air, the liver must be more active to expel more toxins from the body, such as people living in crowded cities. Or people who lives near the main streets and highways. It is recommended that they use an air purifier.

Finally, one of the basic principles for people who want to have a healthy liver and detoxify the liver is to be physically active as much as possible and to include exercise in their life program on a regular and continuous basis. Exercising balances body weight.

You should know that when the body weight is balanced, the risk of fatty liver decreases.

Exercise improves liver function and liver enzymes are in the normal range, but working out with heavy weights or strenuous exercise will increase liver enzymes, so it is recommended that you do not exercise 48 hours before a liver function test.