Are you in the first weeks of your pregnancy and your back pain is bothering you?

Are you worried that back pain in your pregnancy is a sign of miscarriage?

In the following our doctors tell you more about “Low back pain early pregnancy miscarriage”


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Back pain in pregnancy

Most women experience back pain during their pregnancy

Most back pain will start in the last months of pregnancy.

But there are women who suffer from back pain early in their pregnancy

Although back pain during pregnancy is a common phenomenon, but it should not be considered as part of the normal process of pregnancy, so you must be examined by a doctor and learn the necessary treatment tips to rule out high-risk factors such as miscarriage, by controlling pain, A pregnant mother can have a good pregnancy.


What are the causes of low back pain and back pain in pregnancy?

Enlargement of the uterus following fetal growth causes the muscles at the bottom of pelvic to weaken and stretch outward. Weak abdominal and pelvic muscles, as well as an enlarged abdomen, put a lot of pressure on a pregnant woman’s lower back.

Hormonal changes cause the tendons that connect the pelvis to the lower part of the spine to relax. These changes cause you to suffer from low back pain when walking and standing and sitting for a long time, as well as rolling on the bed and getting up from a chair or getting up from the toilet bowl, etc.

Hot and cold compresses and stretching exercises suitable to the conditions of pregnancy that will be recommended by your doctor will help relieve your pain.


Can low back pain during pregnancy make us worry about miscarriage?

We said that low back pain can be experienced at any time during pregnancy, especially in the last months of your pregnancy, without any sign of miscarriage.

Back and lower back pain can also occur early in the miscarriage process and can occur late in the abortion.

If you are pregnant and have back pain that is more severe than your previous back pain, or have lower back pain that is getting worse, be sure to consider it a worrying sign and tell your doctor immediately.


What is meant by miscarriage?

Removing pregnancy products such as placenta, etc. before the end of the twentieth week of pregnancy, when the fetus weighs about five hundred grams and cannot survive is called an abortion. About fifteen percent of confirmed pregnancies end with miscarriage before the end of the twentieth week.


Causes of miscarriage

The following factors can cause miscarriage:

(For this reason, some women hide from others until the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy)


What low back pain is related to abortion?

Many women experience the fear of losing their fetus with the onset of low back pain. Take very severe pain, especially in the lower back, which is like labor contractions and is accompanied by uterine and abdominal cramps, and immediately inform your doctor and go to a medical center.


Symptoms of miscarriage

Signs and symptoms of miscarriage in early pregnancy include:


Back pain in the first weeks of pregnancy

Back pain can also occur early in pregnancy. The quality of low back pain in pregnancy can be as follows:

Women may experience some degree of back pain with mood changes in the first few weeks of pregnancy. These changes are due to hormonal changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s body.


The final words

Low back pain is an experience that most women will experience during pregnancy. Back pain in the first trimester is caused by hormonal changes and sometimes stress on the mother’s body, if you had back pain before pregnancy or Or if you are overweight, you will be more at risk for low back pain early in your pregnancy than other women, although low back pain can go away without complications, but we emphasize: