The most common cause of low back pain in pregnancy is increased fetal weight and pressure on the lower back spine, but Why does Lower back pain early pregnancy 4weeks happen?

If you are also in the early stages of your pregnancy and have low back pain, read on.


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Causes of low back pain in pregnancy

During pregnancy, many hormonal changes occur in your body. Increasing your weight during pregnancy, increasing the weight of the fetus and subsequently increasing the size of the uterus causes the pressure on the lower back vertebrae to increase.

Here’s a look at low back pain in early pregnancy.

If you are going through your pregnancy, you should know that this period will be a time of very severe hormonal changes in your body.

Hormones that are released in your body during pregnancy cause the muscles of the uterine wall to relax and non-contractile, as uterine contractions can lead to miscarriage. The hormones that relax the wall of the uterus will also affect the ligaments that hold your uterus around in the pelvis. The joints will also be affected by these hormones.

It will predispose you to experience lower back pain. This cause can be considered as one of the causes of low back pain in early pregnancy

If you have not had a history of low back pain and now feel tolerable pain early in your pregnancy without synchronization with uterine and abdominal cramps, it is probably due to the effect of pregnancy hormones on the uterine ligaments and ligaments around the spine and pelvic joints and their stretching.

Other causes of low back pain, typically as you get older and get closer to your mid and late pregnancy, can cause your back pain.

As the weeks of pregnancy increase and the fetus grows and the uterus enlarges, your body moves forward (the uterus), and this factor will change the position of your body and increase the lumbar arch or lumbar lordosis. Gradually, the pressure of the uterus and fetal head on the lower back vertebrae also increases, and it seems that back pain will occur quite obviously during pregnancy.

Doctors say that at least 50% of women suffer from low back pain during pregnancy.

If the cause of low back pain in pregnancy is high, there is no need to worry and it will not endanger the mother and her fetus. It is said that most low back pain during pregnancy will only be excruciating and not dangerous, but it is best to let your doctor know about back pain, which may require further investigation.

Remember that it would be perfectly normal if you were anxious in the early days of your pregnancy, knowing that this stress and unrest will lower your pain tolerance threshold and make you feel more back pain.

So be calm and keep in touch with your doctor so that by receiving his advice, you can relax your mind, remember that stress itself can affect the body and manifest itself with physical symptoms, stress can spasm the muscles around the spine and pelvis and cause back pain.

We said that the most common cause of low back pain in early pregnancy around the fourth and sixth weeks of your pregnancy is the secretion of a hormone called relaxin. The presence of this hormone during pregnancy is very important. It also relaxes the pelvic ligaments and tendons to prepare the body for the normal birth process.

The point is that there is a downside to this process., and that is the presence of this hormone relaxin also destabilizes the ligaments that support and support the spine, and this is where low back pain comes in.


What can we do to reduce and treat low back pain in early pregnancy?

We said that changes in your body during pregnancy may cause back and joint pain, back pain and….

If your body adapts to the natural changes during pregnancy, you can minimize this problem.

Doctors say that with the term positions and postures of the body, performing appropriate stretching movements with the approval of a doctor, improving breathing and sometimes massage therapy and yoga. The body can adapt to the changes so that it can go through the different stages of pregnancy and childbirth and the postpartum period with more peace of mind. You can use methods to reduce stress, increase self-confidence and positive thinking to reduce stress and excitement of this period.

Know that back pain during pregnancy is a very common problem that takes pregnant women to the clinic and gynecologist’s office, so do not be afraid, you are not alone!!


Tips for preventing and reducing back pain in pregnancy

Whether you are sitting or standing, you need to put your body in a standard and correct position and position.

During pregnancy, if you are going to sit on a chair for a long time, you should place your feet slightly above the ground, for example on a low stool.

If you are sitting on the floor, your spine should be perfectly flat and you should place a small pillow around your lower back to fill in your lower back.

High heels or perfectly flat shoes will both put a lot of pressure on the waist and damage it.

The right heel is about an inch

During pregnancy, due to the swelling of your feet, shoes should be chosen according to your new size. If you have flat feet, be sure to use medical insoles.

We emphasize that you should consult your doctor before doing stretching exercises, the exercises should be with the approval of your doctor because some exercises may not be suitable for you at all, the safety and prohibition or limitation of the exercise should be approved and determined by your doctor.


When to see a doctor?

If you have any of the following symptoms during exercise, stop exercising and tell your doctor:


The final words

If you have back pain during pregnancy:

Painkillers should not be used and avoid taking any painkillers without a doctor’s prescription.

Today, there are standard belts for pregnant women that are very helpful in relieving low back pain.