If you have recurring headaches and tension headaches, sometimes massage therapy can help you to cope with these pains. These days, headache massage therapy has found its fans

Massage therapy to ease headaches and tensions


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History of massage therapy

Pressure on known parts of the body has been one of the ancient therapeutic methods. In this method, applying pressure on some parts and massaging parts of the head, neck and body can improve the function of organs and organs and reduce headaches.


What is the effect of massage therapy or pressure therapy on headaches?

By massaging certain parts of the head, neck and body, the following series of events occurs:

Massage therapy or acupressure is not the main treatment, but it is considered as an adjunct treatment that you can use in addition to the treatment and main medications prescribed by your doctor, massage to help tolerate headaches.


What are the pressure points for treating headaches?

Here are some important points in massage therapy and pressure therapy, which massage can reduce your headache by increasing blood circulation, relaxing the mind and relaxing muscle contraction:

Usually pressure and massage of this point is used to reduce stress.

To find the bamboo pressure point, you should place your fingers in the two inner corners of the eyes so that you can feel the bone next to your bridge of the nose. Press these two points gently for a minute, avoid intense and prolonged pressure.

Gentle massage and pressure on these points improves the function of the nasal airways, reduces stress, calms your mind and relieves headaches.

If you have frequent headaches, and especially if you have a migraine, know these points well, because the massage of fragrant spots has a great effect on improving headaches, especially the type of migraine.

Place two index fingers on the sides of the nose in the laugh line and gently massage for one minute.

Go two and a half centimeters from the protrusion of the front of your ear and open and close your jaw, now put your middle finger, index finger and ring on this point and massage gently in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

This point massage is used to improve tension headaches

Place your middle finger on the highest point of your head and press gently. Now gently massage the point in a circular motion and continue massaging towards your ears on each side.

Use this massage to reduce stress headaches.

Touch the inside corner of your eyebrows with your index fingers on each side and press gently for three minutes. Now release, repeat this five times.

Touch both sides of the septum with your thumb and press gently. These points are called LI20. Rotational massage and gentle pressure on these points will improve and relieve pain caused by sinusitis. Now place your two index fingers in the middle and above your forehead. In many cases, starting this massage reduces the headache

There is a point between your index finger and thumb, which massages and presses to relieve your headaches.

Open the index and thumb so that the angle between them becomes L. Gently rotate the intersection point of the two lines that make up L.

Massage the outer two sides of the eyes with gentle circular motions. If you have a headache due to insomnia or using a monitor or phone, extend the massage up and down. If the headache is due to physical problems or illnesses, massage back and forth.


What is the reason for reducing headaches with massage therapy?

According to doctors, with the advancement of medical science, they have come to the conclusion that the stimulation of certain pressure points can have an effect on the nerve fibers in the brain and the nervous system outside the skull. Stimulation of certain areas with gentle pressure and massage causes the body to react, which includes the release of endorphins (a natural painkiller made by the body) and serotonin (a hormone that makes you feel good).

In addition, massage therapy increases blood flow, which accelerates oxygenation, and on the other hand, removes toxins and wastes from the cells and removes them, so muscle spasms are eliminated and pain and tension are reduced, and the mind is calmed.