The reproductive power of most women or men infected with the HPV virus remains unaffected, so women and men with the HPV virus can also consider having children.

If you are a woman whose husband is infected with the HPV virus or if your wife has had genital warts, our doctors will answer all your questions below.

If you have a wife who has HPV, you can consider having a child

A blood test can determine if your partner has HPV infection.


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Does HPV cause male infertility?

For the vast majority of men (as well as women) with HPV, the chances of having children are the same as normal people in society. HPV in men may be associated with infertility. However, more complete research and studies are needed to confirm this.


HPV and infertility in women

If your husband is infected with HPV, You are about 70% likely to be infected with the virus yourself, but the good news is that it does not change a woman’s fertility. If you are infected with the HPV virus, like any woman without HIV, You can have a healthy child.

It is said that there is a possibility of transmitting the virus from mother to baby in the womb and in the birth canal (about eleven percent of babies born to HIV-positive mothers were infected with the virus).


Consult a gynecologist

If your husband has HPV, it is best to consult a gynecologist before attempting to have a baby.

Gynecologist performs Pap smear (Removal of cervical superficial cells) to send sample for laboratory examination to determine cervical tissue changes with this virus

If there is pathology and abnormal tissue problem, it is better to receive appropriate treatment before becoming pregnant

If you have warts on the external genitalia or inside the vagina, it is best to treat the lesions before getting pregnant.


HPV virus

Infection with this virus is one of the most common types of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs.

It is estimated that two-thirds of healthy people who have sex with an HPV partner will develop HPV themselves.

So if your husband has HPV, You are about 70% likely to be infected with the virus yourself

Note that the absence of genital warts is not necessarily enough to rule out HPV infection. HPV infection, especially in men, can be without genital warts.

So if your husband has an HPV infection, you can consider having a healthy child by considering the following points:

But in general, most babies born to women with genital warts will be free of the HPV virus.