General English name: Nervoxin

Application: Depression – Mental disorders – Premenstrual problems – Menopausal complications – Anxiety – Fatigue – Sleep disorders


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Forms of Neroxin



Neroxin Drug Information

Neroxin pill is an herbal medicine containing hypericum extract that is effective in improving menopausal problems or problems such as fatigue, anger, restlessness, anxiety, irritability, decreased concentration, depression, mood swings, aggression, anxiety.

Depression and anxiety can be caused by no apparent reason or by social issues such as the loss of loved ones or various illnesses. Anxiety is the most common symptom in anxiety disorder. Antidepressants such as neroxine are used to reduce the symptoms of depression (fatigue, anxiety and insomnia) and in turn allow you to work normally and be in a better mental and general condition despite your illness. Even if you are not depressed, neroxin helps reduce anxiety symptoms.

This herbal medicine treats depressive symptoms, anxiety, fatigue, mental disorders, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal problems by inhibiting serotonin reuptake and acting on many neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine, L-glutamate and GABA. it helps.


The correct amount and method of taking Neroxin


Contraindications to the use of the drug neroxin


Neroxin use during pregnancy and lactation

This drug is contraindicated for women during pregnancy and lactation.


The effect of Nervoxin consumption on driving

Neroxin does not cause drowsiness and does not adversely affect your alertness and driving performance.


Neroxin drug interaction

Drug interactions may alter drug performance and increase the risk of serious side effects. Make a list of all the medicines (including prescription / over-the-counter and herbal medicines) you use and share them with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not change the dose of your medicine without consulting your doctor or stop taking the medicine.

Neroxin may interact with anticoagulants and digoxin.

Neroxin interacts severely with MAO inhibitors, which can even lead to death, along with MAO inhibitors (isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue, moclobem Do not use phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, selegiline, tranylcypromine. Most MAO inhibitors should not be used until 2 weeks before and after starting to use Neroxin.

Because neroxine tablets contain tannins, they may interfere with iron absorption, and an interval of 1-2 hours is recommended if iron supplementation is needed.

The specific medications listed below can increase the risk of side effects from neroxin (such as shortness of breath, severe drowsiness, and dizziness) if you take medications such as alcohol, sleeping pills, or anti-anxiety medications (such as diazepam). Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking zolpidem, antihistamines (such as cetirizine, diphenhydramine), muscle relaxants, and painkillers (such as codeine).


Warning about taking neroxin

Some medications may not be prescribed under certain conditions, and some medications may be prescribed if additional treatment is needed; Therefore, it is best for your doctor to be aware of the following before taking Neroxin:


Side effects of Neroxin

All medications can cause side effects. But many consumers do not experience any side effects with the right dose of herbal medicine. Hypericum extract is clinically very healthy and rarely any minor side effects are observed in the consumer.

Consult your doctor if you have any other symptoms that you feel may be due to Nervoxin.


Side effects of Nervoxin overdose (Neroxin poisoning)

Do not take more than the dose prescribed by your doctor.

If you feel that someone has been poisoned and you have symptoms such as shortness of breath, fainting and weakness (fainting), call the emergency room immediately.


Storage conditions of Nervoxin

Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.

Store the medicine in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.