Pain inside thigh near groin can be due to many reasons and of many types like dull or stiff or sharp and can affect a person’s daily activity in many ways. The possible causes can be muscle injuries, bone injuries, hernia, kidney stones, other bone conditions etc, in women it can be due to menstruation or pregnancy too. In this article everything related to pain inside thigh near groin is explained from causes to treatment and prevention keep reading.


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Pain inside thigh near groin

What is pain inside thigh near groin?

Pain inside thigh near groin can be accompanied by muscles stiffness or even a limited range of movement. It merely Depends on its causes , pain around the inner portion of the thigh can either be described as the Dull ache or can be described as the sharp pain . A person might feel pain in the inner thigh muscles or in the adductor muscles. These muscles are the ones that sit close to the groin, which in short refers to the area of the hip between the stomach and thigh. Pain which is in the groin area and inner thigh region can overlap because of this close proximity.


What are the symptoms of pain inside thigh near groin?

Pain inside near thigh groin may occur with other symptoms, such as following :

Many other symptoms can also be present, depending on the cause of it


What are the Causes of pain inside thigh near groin?

Muscle injuries

The inner thigh muscles, that we can call adductors, can become strained or even torn by certain movements or activities which can lead to injuries. These certain actions and moment’s can include running or turning too quickly during running , then resulting into muscle damage and  lead to pain in the inner thigh or groin area. The intensity of the pain varies from person to person , depending on the extent of muscle damage. This muscle  pain can also be accompanied by swelling or bruising around the affected area.

Bone conditions

Bone problems which affect the hip can cause discomfort or pain in the thigh area. One of the examples  is osteoarthritis, a condition where cartilage on the ends of bones is broken, leading to inflammation in the joints. There are few other symptoms of osteoarthritis which include:

There’s another bone disease which is called femoroacetabular impingement, this problem happens when extra bone develops in the hip joint,  leading to friction between the bones as they rub together. Over time, this could lead to damage to the joint, pain or an ache in the thighs, stiffness, or even a limp.

Osteosarcoma is a very rare type of bone cancer which develops in growing bones, most commonly arises around the knee, plus the femur or thigh bone. Most commonly seen in people who are aged 10 to 25. This can result or we can say lead to swelling and tenderness in the affected region.

Another bone condition that can cause this type of pain is AVN, that is Avascular neurosis in the femoral head, this can be caused by injury trauma.


A hernia is caused when an internal body part pushes through surrounding muscle or tissue wall into the open cavity. There are several types of hernias but inguinal hernia is  the most common type , they happen  in the groin area, where the intestines mostly small push through the lower abdomen, causing a fleshy bulge to develop suddenly. Pain can be felt around the affected area, including the inner thigh but sometimes there can be no pain or no any other symptom. In some cases very few symptoms might develop.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are solid lumps made of different things and are of different types like calcium oxalate ones, phosphate ones, cysteine ones etc that pass through the urinary tract or are stuck inside the kidney somewhere.

We can say kidney stones are where crystals build up to form a solid lump or stone in the kidneys. When they pass through the urinary tract , can cause significant discomfort and pain , particularly the larger ones. It is possible to feel sharp pains in the inner thigh while having stones in the body

Other symptoms in kidney stones could include following:

There are few things that can lead to pain inside thigh near groin   in only women which include following :


A women who is pregnant can develop pubis dysfunction, a problem that causes the pelvic bone to become unstable and lead to discomfort. This is actually caused by the ligaments supporting the pelvic bone that become too relaxed leading to dysfunction and this typically occurs during the second trimester in pregnancy. This can lead to severe pain in the pelvis, which may be felt in surrounding areas, including the inner thigh and groin area. It may sometimes also restrict mobility and cause clicking or grinding noises when moving or doing any activity.


Along with uterus cramps during menstruation a person may feel cramps, aches, or pains in other areas of their body near the uterus and sometimes it’s in the groin region. These may even include the back, pelvis, and inner thighs. If a women  has substantial pain in the lower abdomen and the surrounding area during menstruation, she should consult a doctor to rule out Endometriosis and other complications. Two conditions as I said called endometriosis and adenomyosis are among those that can lead to painful periods. These conditions can be managed to very good extent with proper diagnosis and treatment.

Lumbar Discopathy

Lumbar Discopathy is a degenerative disc disease  a condition which sometimes causes low back pain or radiating pain from damaged discs in the spine. A disc acts as a shock absorber between the vertebrae, and allows the joints in the spine to move easily without any problem. Normally each person’s spinal discs undergo degenerative changes with rising age, however not all people will experience symptoms as a result of these changes some people don’t even feel it . Symptoms are more commonly seen in people of age between 30 to 50-year. This pain due to degenerative disc disease is usually tolerable, normally felt in the lower back, but it can also radiate into the hips and even legs.

Piriformis syndrome

It’s a medical condition in which the piriformis muscle, located in the buttock region, spasms and causes the buttock pain this muscle can also irritate the nearby sciatic nerve and then cause pain, numbness and even tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot mostly on left side . Till now exact causes of piriformis syndrome are still unknown. Suspected causes include following:


It’s an infection of the vagina which results from a change in the normal balance of bacteria that are present in vagina . It usually doesn’t cause any other serious health problem however if happens during pregnancy it can lead to issues.  About fifty percent  of the time, women who have BV have no symptoms in case present they can include following:


What is the Treatment for pain inside thigh near groin?

There is this possibility to alleviate some inner thigh pain through experimenting  different home or we can say natural remedies. These could include following:


What are possible ways for Prevention of pain inside thigh near groin?

Maintaining good physical fitness by doing workout and while avoiding high-intensity exercise may help.

It is surely possible to decrease the risk of developing inner groin pain from some causes by making some simple lifestyle changes. These changes might include following:


When to see a doctor for pain inside thigh near groin?

In most of the cases, inner groin pain is temporary and can be treated with some home remedies or over-the-counter pain Medicines. But in case,, if the pain is persistent or severe, medical attention should be sought without any delay.

If any  lump is felt or has developed with the inner thigh pain, it could be a sign of hernia, which requires medical attention at every cost. Severe pain in the abdomen could indicate the inner groin pain is caused by kidney stones, that would require immediate emergency care and treatment.



Most cases of such pain inside thigh near groin do not pose any serious health risks like not the dying ones or emergency type and they are often caused by a muscular injuries. The pain will often disappear after just couple of days, but it can sometimes take longer, depending on what is the cause. It can usually be managed with home treatment without the need for medical emergency treatment unless the pain is the result of a more serious health problem



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