Did you hear the term trigeminal neuralgia? Do you have persistent and excruciating facial pain? Read more if you have facial pain that affects the area around your jaw and left ear and has not responded to routine treatments.


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Pain in face, jaw and ears

So we are going to put the pain in all the above areas under the phrase facial pain and deal with it. If you have pain in the face, jaw and ears on the left or if you have persistent facial pain on the right, read on, join us.


What causes left facial pain (pain in the face and ears and jaw in the left half of the face)?

And … all and sundry are common and treatable causes of left facial pain.

A number of other causes of pain in the left side of the face and jaw and ear in the left half of the face that are somewhat more important than the above are:


How do we perceive and describe our facial pain?

You may understand and describe your facial pain in the following ways:

Sometimes the pain spread from the jaws and ears is also described by people as facial pains.

The quality of the pain felt in the left half of your face depends on the underlying cause of the pain.

For example:

Pain that originates from problems with the oral cavity can be dull or throbbing pain that occurs on one side of the face and around the mouth and the left jaw and ear.

The pain caused by sinusitis is perceived as fullness and pressure and heaviness in the face and forehead.

Head and neck trauma may cause sharp and stabbing pain in the face and head.


How to describe ear, jaw and face pain on the left and right side to the doctor?

It is very important that you provide your doctor with an accurate history of the pain in the left half of your face. You must inform the doctor carefully about the following points:

What are the other accompanying symptoms?


What are the causes of left face, jaw and ear pain?

Occasionally there is a condition or problem in the left eyeball or visual system that can cause pain in the left half of the face.

Specialist tests may be needed to evaluate for corneal ulcers, glaucoma, and other vision tests.

Osteoarthritis of this joint, rheumatoid arthritis in this joint and other skeletal problems that damage this joint will cause pain in the left half of your face.

Doctors believe that pain caused by heart problems, including myocardial infarction, can affect the jawbone, and it is very uncommon for heart pain to be felt above the jaw Therefore, the pain that affects the left ear and cheek is not attributed to heart pain, but do not forget that the pain that has reached your left or right jaw can be due to cardiac events.

First we need to know what neuralgia means.

Neuralgias are stabbing, burning, and sometimes very excruciating pains that result from injury or stimulation of nerve fibers.

Stimulation and damage to nerve fibers in the head and face can also cause pain called facial neuralgia.

Can irritate and damage the facial nerves and cause painful facial neuralgia.


Some symptoms of facial neuralgia

Sudden onset of stabbing pain, in which the doctor specifically detects that the pain is in a specific nerve pathway in your face. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by numbness or tingling in the area of ​​the nerve innervated by the damaged nerve fiber.

Persistent pain or burning in one half of the face.

Involuntary cramps and spasms in the muscles of the half of the involved face.

Weakness of the muscles of the half-face involved and sometimes their thinning.

Doctors know one of the most well-known facial neuralgias, Trigeminal neuralgia.

In these cases, the sufferer suddenly experiences severe pain in the muscles of one half of the face, which usually lasts a few seconds to two minutes and stops abruptly, in most cases one half or one area is involved, And sometimes both sides of the face and jaws are involved.

Glossopharyngeal neuralgia will be a rare type of facial pain that usually causes severe and sudden pain in the throat and lower part of the face after swallowing food and even swallowing saliva.