Why sometimes the urine becomes very dark? If you want to know if dark and very yellow urine is abnormal or not

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If you are a person who has dark and yellow urine and this issue is of concern to you, this article will provide you with enough information about this issue.


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Dark urine is actually urine that is very yellow in color. Dark urine has a different color spectrum. Urine may also be brown or orange or bold yellow.

What causes these types of changes is a topic that we will address in this article. It is best to learn a little about urine production first. The kidneys are responsible for making urine. When a person consumes food fluids, the associated fluids are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and enter the system into the arteries and pass through the arteries to the kidneys, where they are filtered and purified.

In fact, the kidneys excrete fluids as well as waste products through the urine.

Ideally, the urine should be pale yellow and very pale. In fact, if a person has very pale-yellow urine, it means that he or she is hydrated. Urine naturally has a yellow pigment called Urobilin or urochrome.

In fact, it is the pigments that cause the slight yellow color in human urine. If the urine is darker, it means that the concentration of this substance in the urine has increased.


Why does urine darken?

As we said above, the cause of yellow color in urine is due to the presence of certain pigments called Urobilin or urochrome.

If a person’s urine is dark, there are two reasons, either the amount of this substance is increased due to problems that may occur in the internal system of the body or due to dehydration, the water is less absorbed by the kidneys and causes the amount of this substance to be concentrated in the urine. The most common cause of dark urine is dehydration, but it may also be related to an internal problem that has increased urine pigmentation, for example if a person has dark brown urine, it can be a warning sign of kidney failure, which can lead to liver failure, which can cause high levels of bilirubin in the urine.

Bloody urine or very dark red urine is one of the symptoms that may be due to direct damage and direct trauma to the kidneys, so You can see that the cause of dark urine can vary depending on the underlying cause. Also, the manifestations of a dark urine depend on its underlying cause. Here are some possible causes and diagnoses that people may have due to dark urine.


What are the causes of dark urine?

When we talk about dark urine, we may mean a urine that is too yellow, or in some cases we may mean urine that is red or brown or even bloody. Certainly, the cause of each color spectrum of urine is different from the other spectrum.in the following we bring you these diagnoses that can be associated with dark urine.

Causes of dark urine include:

In fact, dehydration and drinking a small amount of water, which leads to dehydration, is the most common cause, which leads to a decrease in the volume of urine excreted, and the excreted urine turns yellow and becomes bold yellow.

Doctors say too much exercise and physical activity can lead to the excretion of highly colored urine. Excessive exercise and physical activity can damage muscle cells, in other words, it causes muscle cells to break down, which is called rhabdomyolysis, which can cause urine to turn pink or cola.

It is often difficult for a doctor to tell if the cause of the dark color of the urine is due to dehydration or other reasons. When dark urine occurs due to dehydration, the color is usually honey colored or amber.

While if other causes cause dark urine, the color of the urine usually tends to be brown and red. Some people have urine that sometimes looks syrup_like. These are people who often have chronic kidney or liver problems.


Characteristics of dark urine caused by dehydration

We have said that the most common factor that causes yellow urine to become very thick is dehydration, if you are dehydrated, in addition to decreased urination, your urine will turn dark yellow and you may have one or more of the following symptoms.

If a person with dark yellow urine consumes enough water and regains his natural volume and color after drinking enough water, then we can say that dehydration has definitely caused dark urine.


What are the factors outside the body that can affect urine?

Sometimes the cause of dark urine is not from inside the body, ie the person does not suffer from dehydration and has no problems or defects in the body functions mentioned above, but has dark urine. In these cases, the cause of this type of urine is usually related to what the person enters the body from the outside as a drink or food or the medicine that he has taken.

If you have dark urine which you think is the cause of what you are taking orally, it is not very strange. People who take a variety of berries may experience dark urine. Some treatments and medications can also cause dark urine. You will usually be warned when doctors prescribe drugs that darken your urine.

Among the medications that can cause dark urine the following can be mentioned:



If you have dark urine even with drinking enough water, it is better to have a consultation with your doctor. It is important to provide your doctor with a complete history and other signs and symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis.

Your doctor will usually order physical examinations as well as laboratory tests after hearing what you have to say, depending on the circumstances and the differential diagnoses he or she has in mind. One of the most common tests that must be requested is urine sample analysis.

Among the items that are examined in urine sample analysis are the following:

Bacteria Urinary crystals, urinary sugar, urine protein, bilirubin, red blood cells and white blood cells.

Ideally, the best urine sample is a sample taken from a person’s first morning urine. This urine is a urine sample that is very useful for showing abnormalities, because this urine determines the concentration of substances in the urine more concentrated than all urine samples during the day and night.

If the test shows abnormal results, the doctor may use other targeted tests as well. For example, among these tests, we can mention blood tests and urine culture, for example, urine culture can show the type of bacteria in the urine.

For example, a complete blood cell count may help your doctor systematically assess for an infection in your blood. There are also some panels on metabolic studies that can help your doctor identify the underlying cause of dark urine, Therefore, in order to achieve a correct treatment, the first principle is to reach a correct diagnosis based on the history of symptoms and the results obtained from diagnostic tests.



The most common cause of dark urine and yellow, thick, urine, as we said, is dehydration, so if you have dark urine following a day of activity in hot weather or after a long fast, it is better to drink enough water first. if Urine does not reach normal volume and color, we recommend that you see your doctor to evaluate the underlying causes. The causes and treatment methods will be very different according to the causes of the color.


When to see a doctor?

If you have dark urine and your urine is bloody or you have dark urine that does not clear even after drinking enough water and lasts for a few days, it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible. if you have dark urine, that is experienced with severe pain, especially in the back and sides of your back, you probably have urinary tract infections, kidney stones and urinary tract stones, it is very important to check and start treatment in these cases.

If there are the following symptoms with very thick and dark urine, you should see a doctor or go the nearest hospital as soon as possible for immediate checkups. These include:



Dark urine sometimes occurs due to the use of certain medications and foods and beverages, so it is better to ask your doctor about the side effects of your medication to know that the cause of dark urine color is due to the drug. Dehydration is also the most common cause of dark urine, so it is best to drink plenty of healthy water and fluids throughout the day.

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