These days, massage therapy is used all over the world as a method to control the symptoms, treatment and relaxation of pain caused by sciatica. If you also suffer from sciatica, in addition to the classic sciatica treatment methods, you can use massage therapy to relieve sciatica with the approval of your doctor.

In the following we will tell you about “Sciatica pain relief massage techniques”


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What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy, calculated movements of the therapist’s hand on the soft tissues of your body and muscles, which is done in order to release the hard and problematic tissue as well as increase blood and lymph flow.


What are the general benefits of massage therapy?

Researchers say that massage therapy has a good and positive effect on most parts of the body


The effect of massage therapy in relieving sciatica

To reduce the pain caused by sciatica, massage is a very effective and sensitive method. With the help of proper massage by an experienced person, muscle spasms in the back of the legs and feet can be reduced. Sciatic massage must be performed by trained people who have learned the basics of massage, otherwise the pain of people after sciatic massage will increase.


Types of massage techniques

There are over eighty massage and manipulation techniques on the human body these days. These techniques are generally divided into five main groups.

This method is based on physiology and medical anatomy.

It is based on medical anatomy and includes routine manipulation techniques, as well as nerve massage, exercise massage, and myotherapy.

These techniques are based on the structure and movement of the body. In this technique, incorrect movement patterns are organized and corrected

Manipulating the muscles and soft tissues of the body, in addition to helping the individual gain weight, are also present in these techniques.

Some types of this method are:

Alexander technique is one of the common methods to relieve pain caused by sciatica and is very effective in reducing sciatica pain.

These techniques are based on traditional Chinese medicine.

The Chinese believe in life energy or chi and say that this life energy is flowing in the canals of the human body. They believe that these techniques are capable of re-flowing chi into the body canals and opening the blocked canals

These types of techniques include:

This technique has nothing to do with traditional Chinese medicine. Proponents of this technique believe that it affects the energy inside and outside the human body.

the methods of this technique are:

Hand pressure massage

Special manipulations

Massages to reduce sciatica are performed in two ways: shiatsu and opening the canals with massage and relaxation of the sciatic nerve through the back of the thigh.

Generally, professional massage therapists use a combination of the above methods to relieve people from sciatica pain and taking into account each person’s condition.


Massage therapy to relieve sciatica pain

Sciatica is the longest and thickest nerve in the human body and starts from the lower back and reaches the back of the knee from the buttocks and back of the thighs and is divided into branches that also innervate the back of the legs and soles of the feet.

Any pressure on the sciatic nerve pathway can cause diffuse pain along the sciatic nerve pathway, sometimes numbness, tingling, and weakness and thinning of the nerve pathway muscles.

They will cause pressure on the sciatic nerve and diffuse and radicular pain.

According to research, massage therapy is very effective in reducing pain.

The main effect of massage therapy will be to reduce sciatica by reducing muscle spasms, thus reducing the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Soft tissue massage will increase the pain threshold and thus endorphins will be released and a sense of health and freshness will return to the person.

Other benefits of massage for sciatica include reducing stress, increasing blood pressure, and increasing cervical toxins and oxygenation to the sore spot.

A study in 2014 showed that the effect of deep tissue massage on pain relief would be as great as the effect of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs.