Does lower abdominal pain bother you when you urinate? Problems and diseases of the bladder and surrounding organs can be the cause of pain in your lower left abdomen when urinating.

Doctors call painful pain during urination (painful ruination) dysuria.

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Both men and women may experience lower abdominal pain when urinating. The causes of this complaint are numerous and will generally be well treated.

 sharp pai in lower left abdomen when peeing

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Causes of lower abdominal pain when urinating

  1. Inflammation of the bladder or cystitis:

Cystitis is more common in women than men

Not all cystitis is the same as a bladder infection

Symptoms of cystitis that can cause sharp pain in the lower left and right abdomen when administered include:


Causes of cystitis include:


Pelvic radiotherapy may cause inflammation of the bladder wall


Bacterial infections of the bladder are common in people who use urinary catheters for a long time. Long-term catheters can also cause bladder wall damage, inflammation and non-infectious cystitis.


Interstitial cystitis is a condition of irritation and inflammation of the bladder wall that lasts for about six weeks or more without any underlying infection, inflammation, or cystitis.

Symptoms in addition to lower abdominal and right or left abdominal pain when urinating include:


Some chemotherapy drugs such as:

They can cause inflammation of the bladder wall or cystitis


Prevention of cystitis:

To prevent cystitis:


  1. STIs:

Sexually Transmitted Infections

like the:

In both women and men, it can cause pain when urinating in the lower left abdomen.

Abnormal vaginal discharge in women and abnormal discharge in the urethra in men can be accompanied by pain, as well as painful skin lesions in genital herpes around the vagina, groin, and labia in women, and on the penis and groin in men.

nephrolitiasis or kidney stones and

Urethrolitiasis or Uretral stones:

Accumulation of minerals such as calcium (the most common) or uric acid, etc. are associated with concentrated urine and can lead to the formation of hard stones in the kidneys, ureters and urinary tract. Stones may get stuck at the junction of the ureter and the bladder, causing pain in the lower abdomen and the same side of the abdomen when urinating.



  1. Stimulation with chemicals:

Sometimes the essential oils in creams, sprays and soaps that you use outside the genital area, such as shampoos, soaps, etc., cause allergic reactions and may cause pain in the lower left and right or lower and right side of your abdomen when urinating.

These chemicals are:

In case of allergic reactions, the following symptoms may be present besides pain:


  1. Infections:

Overgrowth of bacteria or fungi can cause inflammation of the vaginal wall or vaginitis

Symptoms in addition to painful urination and pain in the lower right or left abdomen include:


  1. Prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate in men:

Bacteria can cause short-term and acute inflammation and infection of the prostate or acute prostatitis.

Chronic inflammation of the prostate can also lead to chronic prostatitis due to some infectious agents caused by STDs.

The following symptoms are present in patients with prostatitis:


  1. Ovarian cysts:

Ovarian cysts in women can be associated with lower and left abdominal pain when urinating.

In addition, the following symptoms may be associated with lower abdominal pain:


  1. Drugs:

If you experience lower abdominal pain when you start taking a new medicine, be sure to discuss this problem with your doctor.

The following medications can cause painful urination or pain in the lower abdomen when urinating by causing inflammation in the bladder wall or cystitis.

This problem will persist until all of the desired medications have been eliminated from your body


  1. PIDs or pelvic inflammatory disease:

In women, infectious agents from STIs may be associated with a range of symptoms, including:


  1. Bladder tumors:

Pain when urinating is not usually an early sign of a tumor

Other symptoms include:


When should we see a doctor with pain in the lower abdomen and the left side of the abdomen when urinating?

It is important to see a doctor if you have one or more of the following symptoms when urinating in addition to pain in the lower left or right side of your abdomen:

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