Osteoarthritis of the elbow joint can cause inflammation of two important elbow tendons and cause sharp pain following repeated pressure on the elbow. The main tendons of the elbow are introduced under the titles of tennis elbow and golf elbow.

In this article, we will introduce you to the causes of Sharp Elbow pain after applying pressure and osteoarthritis and its treatment.


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Elbow Anatomy

Many of our forearm muscles originate from the elbow, meaning that the tendons of most of our forearm muscles attach to the inside or outside of the elbow.

The tendon is the tissue that is responsible for opening and extending our forearm relative to the elbow (forearm opener muscle). The flexor muscle tendon, or forearm flexor, connects to the inside of the elbow

If the tendons of these forearm muscles become too stretched at the elbow joint due to repeated work or repeated pressure, they will develop pain and inflammation called tendinitis.


What is Tennis Elbow?

Inflammation of the tendon that opens the forearm muscle that connects to the outside of the elbow is called external elbow or epicondylitis which is common in racquet sports such as tennis.

It is also common in housewives or people who do repetitive and heavy work with their hands, the symptoms will intensify within a few months.

Hand power is reduced and the person cannot turn the faucet and the door handle. Also, elbow pain is aggravated when shaking hands with another.


What is Golf elbow?

Inflammation of the flexor tendon of the forearm that connects to the inner side of the elbow is called golf elbow or internal epicondylitis. this complication in people who throw heavy objects or saw regularly, shoveling, hammering and even swimming and gardening can cause golf elbow.


What is bursitis elbow?

Behind the elbow and between the elbow and the skin, there is a small sac containing fluid called the Olecranon bursa. Frequent traumas and movements of the elbow cause inflammation of this bursa and cause bursitis, which is accompanied by sharp pain in the back of the elbow.

Infectious and inflammatory bursitis is often red and warm to the touch.

The following can cause ulnar cranial bursitis:


Cubital tunnel syndrome

One of the most important nerves of the upper limb that extends from the shoulder to the fifth, fourth and third fingers is the ulnar nerve, this nerve passes through the elbow if the passage of this nerve in the elbow is narrowed due to impact, pressure and excessive movement we call cubital tunnel syndrome.

In this case, the person can feel pain and shooting in the area of ​​the compressed ulnar nerve.

Symptoms of the cubital tunnel include:


Radial tunnel syndrome

Another nerve that passes through the outer part of the elbow is the radical nerve. Applying pressure and impact and continuous work can cause inflammation of the nerve passage in the elbow and the so-called radial tunnel syndrome is formed, which is accompanied by sharp pain in the outer part of the elbow and sometimes weakness of forearm muscles.


Other causes of sharp elbow pain

Young people with cervical intervertebral disc herniation and older people with cervical osteoarthritis can also experience sharp elbow pain.

Apart from these, inflammations and infections of the soft tissues and skin of the elbow can also cause elbow pain.

The skeletal and articular components of the elbow can also become dislocated and fractured following traumas and pressure. Fractures and injuries of the elbow joint can lead to long-term osteoarthritis of the elbow and chronic pain if left untreated (poorly eaten elbow fractures !!!!! ). Osteoarthritis and wear and tear of the elbow joint usually cause chronic pain


What can we do to get rid of Sharp Elbow pain?

The following can be effective in reducing your pain:


Causes of Sharp Elbow Pain

The causes of Sharp Elbow pain following trauma or continuous pressure can be summarized as follows

Chronic inflammatory diseases also include the following: