One of the problems with gastric cancer is that it is difficult to diagnose in its early and advanced stages. Gastric cancer (commonly called gastric adenocarcinoma) often has no specific diagnostic symptoms in its early stages and unfortunately it is diagnosed when it progresses and spreads to other parts of the body.

What we will discuss in this article will be the symptoms of gastric cancer in women. The symptoms of cancer are the same in men and women, with the difference that unfortunately there is bilateral ovarian involvement in women in the advanced stages of gastric adenocarcinoma.


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What are the risk factors for stomach cancer?


Habits that increase your risk of stomach cancer during the day

The following habits can make you more prone to stomach cancer over time:

The special eating habits of East Asians may be the reason for their high risk of stomach cancers.


Symptoms of gastric cancer in women

Gastric cancer in men and women have the same clinical signs and symptoms, and the difference between their symptoms is that advanced gastric cancer can lead to bilateral ovarian involvement in women and cause symptoms related to this conflict in women with gastric cancer.


Common symptoms of gastric cancer in men and women

Here are the common symptoms of gastric cancer in men and women:

Following the spread of gastric cancer and invasion of the liver (liver metastasis); Symptoms of liver involvement occur as follows:

Examples of Paranioplastic Syndromes of Gastric Cancer

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, which are common in men and women with gastric cancer, gastric cancer of the expanded gastric adenocarcinoma type can be accompanied by a number of other signs and symptoms, which are called paranoplastic syndromes of gastric cancer. :

Which includes a set of events that occur following the formation of clots in the body’s arteries.

So in a person who suffers from vascular clots and impaired critical blood tests for no apparent reason or disease, we should suspect gastric adenocarcinoma.


How do dermatomyositis skin rashes appear?

In adults, 30% of cases of myositis are associated with underlying cancer.Dermatomyositis occurs with fatigue, pain and muscle weakness, and pain and swelling and stiffness of the joints and certain skin rashes. Dermatomyositis skin rashes have a special shape:


These are the manifestations of dermatomyositis.

Signs of multiple seborrheic keratoses in gastric cancer is called Lester Trélat.(???)



Evidence of carcinoma

The following evidence also supports the presence of gastric carcinoma:


The lymph node below the left clavicle enlarges

Virchow ‘s node

Refers to the size of the lymph nodes around the umbilicus.


Occasionally, in the advanced stages following gastric adenocarcinoma metastasis, there is a bulge in the anal canal during examination.

All of the above will be symptoms of gastric cancer in both women and men.

The only case specific to the symptoms of gastric cancer in women is a malignant, bilateral ovarian tumor known as a Krukenberg tumor.

This tumor is associated with enlarged ovaries and involvement of the pelvis and abdomen, and in addition to other symptoms of gastric cancer, the patient will complain of fullness and heaviness of the pelvis and abdomen. This tumor, which occurs in both ovaries at the same time, will not be treated with surgery. The only way to treat it is to treat the underlying cancer itself,  which is gastric adenocarcinoma.

Therefore, gastric cancer in women can be manifested by fullness and heaviness of the pelvis and abdomen.