Are you also concerned about the black and gray spots and spots you see in your field of vision?

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sudden black spots in vision not floaters


Dark spots that appear in front of your field of vision and move away from your field of vision can be annoying. These small dark spots and dots become more prominent when you look at something light, such as a light blue sky, and a pale white paper.

It is natural that the presence of these spots and dark spots in the field of view will be annoying, but these black spots should not cause your vision to be impaired.

Visual field spots

Floating eye spots and black spots in the field of view without a float.

When spots and dark floating spots are in your field of vision, it may cast a slight shadow over your eyes.

And you should know that this condition B only occurs in certain types of spots, and If these spots are accompanied by any vision problems in a way that there is always a continuous and complete visual impairment, you should not consider this as normal and you should see an ophthalmologist for follow-up.

There is another issue, and that is that the human brain is designed to learn after a while to live with these floating objects and ignore them, and little by little one realizes that the field of vision is free of these black spots or in the other word they are less noticeable, And only occasionally can the spots be large and persistent and annoying, and in these cases, which are rare, the person may need treatment.

Clinical manifestations with black spots in the visual field:

What are the signs and symptoms associated with black spots in front of the eyes in the visual field?

These black spots in the field of view have a characteristic that when you want to focus on them with your eyes, they usually go away and can have different shapes.

It can be in any shape, in the form of a spider’s web, in the form of strange lines, or in the form of black dots or gray dots, or a string, and these strings disappear after they appear.

The interesting thing is that when these dark spots appear in an individual’s field of vision, they will not disappear, but Over time, the sufferer will notice that they are less likely to see the spots in front of their eyes. The reason for this will be that the brain learns to pay less attention to those spots and to deny them, and thus, despite their existence, the person will pay less attention to them.

What causes these spots and dark spots in the visual field?

spots and floating images are actually small bundles of protein, and they are actually part of the jelly material that make up the posterior chamber behind your eye, called the vitreous.

As you age, the proteins involved in the vitreous structure break down. These tiny protein particles break apart and attach to each other, casting shadows on your retina that appear to be small dark black spots in your field of vision.

It is emphasized that if you see flashing in them, or a new number of spots have appeared in your field of vision, or recently the severity of the discomfort caused by them has increased, and in general your condition has changed dramatically, or these spots suddenly shine, and blink it is necessary to see a doctor.

Remember that cataract surgery can increase the risk of these spots.

In rare cases, these spots may be a sign of other eye diseases, which are called:

There are also serious eye disorders that can be associated with these dark floating objects.

These serious cases are as follows:

In fact, what we see as a dark spot in our field of vision is an aura and a shadow formed by the detachment of the vitreous protein fibers and the shadowing on the retina.

Sometimes the reason for these black spots in the visual field is a migraine headache.

Even these spots can move in the field, this only takes a few minutes.

These conditions may affect both eyes.

This problem will usually be completely resolved by the time the next episode occurs.


When should we see a doctor?

If you have a few dark spots in your field of vision that are floating and do not change over time, you should not worry. We remind you that if you have one or more of the following, you should see a doctor:



Dark floating spots in the visual field are benign in most cases, and many of these cases will almost never require medical treatment, and if they bother you, you should try to get them out of your sight so that these spots move around and away from the front of your field of vision, look up and down, this method usually works.

If the spots are so large that they block your field of vision, your doctor may perform a surgery called vitrectomy. In such surgery, the vitreous, which is made up of protein fibers, is removed and sterile saline solution will be replaced in the posterior chamber of the eyeball.

What are the complications of surgery?

Sometimes it can have the following side effects:

In general, the risk of these complications is low, but if these problems occur, it may damage the person’s vision.

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