Sudden changes in vision are not something you should be indifferent to, Double vision, also called diplopia by doctors, occurs suddenly and is often temporary. Even if it is transient, it can be an important sign of an accident such as a stroke or a warning of cerebrovascular disorders such as aneurysms.

In the following, you will read more about sudden, resolving and transient double vision.

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Sudden double vision that goes away

What does Double Vision mean?

When you look at an object, you should only see one image with a certain border of that object. When double vision or diplopia occurs, you see several images with overlap of that object.

It is interesting to know that sometimes we also call it Ghost vision.

What are the causes of sudden and transient double?

Sudden and transient diplopia, especially if recurrent, can be a warning sign of one of the following:

Many types of sudden double vision that go away are in this category. Therefore, in case of sudden and transient diplopia, be sure to see the nearest specialist doctor or equipped medical center.

Most eye problems cause your other eye to have double vision when one eye is closed. This type of double vision is called monocular diplopia.

Performing surgical correction of refractive errors of the eye (Refractive surgery)

Performing LASIK and LASIK surgeries, etc., by creating unevenness and irregularity on the surface of the cornea and dry eye can cause mild double vision.

Cranial nerve palsy

Sometimes the muscles of the eye are paralyzed, the nerves of these muscles are responsible for the nerves that come from the skull (cranial nerves); with paralysis of these nerves, which can occur for the following reasons, a person will have double vision in the eye.

Causes of cerebral or cranial nerve palsy

Causes of cerebral or cranial nerve palsy include:

Infections and inflammations such as:

We emphasize that the sudden occurrence of double vision, even if transient, can be a warning of an important and serious life-threatening event, there for take the referral seriously, in order to start early examination of this symptom.

Persistent cases of double vision can be alleviated due to strabismus or eye muscle disorders with several specialized methods such as covering a healthy eye or surgery.

What will be the symptoms associated with sudden double vision?

Double vision can occur suddenly, alone and without other accompanying symptoms, but here are some signs to look out for:

Droopy eyelids

In the event of a stroke, speech disorders, crooked mouth and tongue, weakness and paralysis of the limbs (hands) are not unexpected.


Your doctor will perform a thorough physical eczema for an accurate diagnosis, after taking your history and recording your vital signs, and will often use a CT scan or MRI to check the condition of your central nervous system.

It may be interesting to know that what you say in your resume will give your doctor the most help with the diagnosis.

Your doctor will ask if you have a trauma or brain injury, such as during exercise or an accident.

Also asks for the accompanying symptoms of Double Vision.



Double vision treatment will depend entirely on its underlying cause.

Sudden and transient double vision in people with risk factors such as (obese, elderly, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes) can indicate a serious vascular accident in the brain.

vStrokes, or short-term ischemic attacks of TIA In these cases, if other symptoms such as speech disorders and deviation of the tongue and paralysis of the limbs, etc. occur, the patient is hospitalized and appropriate treatment is started immediately.

In people with TIA or mini-stroke, the symptoms and double vision disappear in less than 20 hours, but the patient is usually hospitalized for two days and when he leaves, he receives orders for the necessary medications to prevent strokes.

Sudden transient double vision in young people often occurs due to cerebrovascular aneurysms. Sometimes doctors consider emergency surgery necessary.

In people with high blood sugar, it is important to start diabetes control treatments such as insulin.

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