These days it’s so common to have sudden severe lower back pain can’t move.  Why does this type of pain happen, well it has many causes like muscle strain, can be a herniated disc or a compression fracture or kidney infections. In the article below I have tried to explain everything related to sudden severe lower back pain can’t move it’s causes symptoms and treatment.

These days studies reveal almost 80 percent of adults experience lower back pain at least once in their lifetime. Back pain is usually explained as dull or aching, but at times it can be  sharp and stabbing.


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What are the common causes of sudden severe lower back pain can’t move?

Muscle strain

Since years muscle strains had been the most common cause of lower back pain. Strains occur when a person stretches or tears a muscle or a tendon. They’re usually caused by trauma or injuries, either from sports or by making certain motions, like lifting a heavy weight  box.

Muscle strains may lead to muscle spasms, which can feel like jolts of sharp pain.

There are other symptoms of muscle strain in the lower back which include following :

Muscle aches

Stiffness in the back

Difficulty while moving

Pain which can be radiating into the buttocks or even legs.

Muscle strains mostly go away on their own without a need for any intervention within a few weeks. If pain is much or it alters daily activity otc  anti-inflammatory medications can help manage the pain. Using a cold ice pack or heating pad on the lower back a few times  can also help in relieving the pain.

Herniated disk

Herniated disc, also called as a slipped disc, happens when one of the discs which are cushion liek structures that lie between the spinal bones that are vertebrae ruptures. This condition is very common in the lower back, and it sometimes puts pressure on the surrounding nerves as well called pinch nerve leading to sharp pain.

Other symptoms include of herniated disk can include:


Abdominal aortic aneurysm:

The aortic artery runs straight down the middle of the human body. An abdominal aortic aneurysm occurs when part of the artery’s wall  weakens and then expands in diameter. This can happen both ways either slowly over time or it can happen very suddenly.

Symptoms of Abdominal aortic aneurysm include following:

back pain which is  sometimes sudden and  severe.

pain in the abdomen area or even side of the abdomen.


There are many types of arthritis, including most common osteoarthritis , that can affect the back and cause lower back pain. When this takes place , it leads the cartilage between the vertebrae to wear down or we can say makes it useless, that can be painful.

Additional symptoms of arthritis in the lower back include following:

Kidney conditions

It happens sometimes one can feel pain from the kidneys in the lower back, specifically if one has kidney stones or a severe  kidney infection, it’s more likely to feel the kidney related lower back pain.

Other symptoms that can take place with  a kidney problem include following:


Some spinal infections can also be the cause of sharp pain in the lower back. People mostly associate tuberculosis with the lungs, but no to mention it can also infect the spine. Spinal tuberculosis is rare in the developed countries, but people with weak and compromised immune systems have a higher chance of getting it. In addition with back pain which is  sharp that may radiate to the arms and legs, spinal infections can also cause following:

Compression fracture

Compression fracture in the lower back, also called as a vertebral compression fracture, takes place when one of the vertebrae breaks and collapses this can lead to severe lower back pain. Some injuries and underlying conditions that weaken the bones, like osteoporosis, be it’s can cause. Symptoms and signs of a compression fracture vary depending on it’s cause, but usually include following:


What are the specific causes of sudden severe lower back pain can’t move in women?


It happens when uterine tissue starts growing in other parts of the body rather in the uterus, like  ovaries or in fallopian tubes. It can lead to severe abdominal, pelvic, pain and lower back pain which can be very painful. Some other endometriosis symptoms include following:


Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts are type of cysts which are small, fluid filled bubbles that form in the ovaries. In past few years or I can say from a decade or so they have become fairly common and usually don’t cause any symptoms. However, if they’re large  sudden pain can be caused by them in the pelvis that often radiates to the lower back, so people mistake it for back problem. Some other  symptoms of ovarian cysts include following:

Large ovarian cysts have this thing that they have  more changes of  rupture, which can also cause sudden, severe back pain, this ruptured ovarian cyst can even cause internal bleeding, so call the doctor right away if pain  is felt  around one side of the pelvis and in lower back.

Ovarian torsion

It happens that sometimes one or both of the ovaries  twist, causing a condition called ovarian torsion. In several cases, the connected tube that is fallopian tube also twists. It causes severe abdominal pain that comes so fast and  spreads towards the  lower back causing lower back pain as well. Some women can have associating symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Ovarian torsion is a very important medical emergency which requires treatment straight away to avoid permanent damage to the ovary, many cases require surgery.


What are the specific causes of sudden severe lower back pain can’t move in men?


Prostatitis is a very common condition that leads to inflammation in the prostate, mostly  due to a bacterial infection. In some cases there aren’t any symptoms or signs present , but in some other cases can cause lower back pain as well as following:

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer begins in the prostate, it’s a very small gland near the urinary bladder that produces fluid for semen. If a person has prostate cancer there can be lower back pain, it can also cause following:


When to see a doctor for sudden severe lower back pain can’t move?

Lower back pain mostly is not a medical emergency. Chances are, the muscle is strained usually. But, if it’s a female like for ovarian torsion it’s an emergency or if a female is pregnant or have any of the following symptoms, a doctor should be contacted as soon as possible: