If you have sudden, sharp chest pain that resolves quickly, or if you are worried about having a heart attack, know that a wide range of causes may be the reason for your chest pain, from non-serious causes such as a simple muscle ache to a heart attack.

Sudden and sharp chest pain that resolves quickly, if it takes less than a minute, is often related to non-cardiac causes of chest pain, including musculoskeletal problems.

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If you have unbearable chest pain for more than a few minutes, go to a well-equipped medical center or call an emergency room instead of looking for the cause yourself.


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When does chest pain and discomfort have a heart cause?

Even the most experienced cardiologists cannot quickly differentiate between cardiac and non-cardiac causes of chest pain in all cases and need to be examined. Determining the cause of chest pain is sometimes really difficult and challenging.

The following symptoms will be more in favor of cardiac origin:


What is angina pectoris?

Most heart attacks occur due to obstruction of the blood flow pathway, such as narrowing of the arteries or the presence of a clot blocking the arteries. Angina is a term used by doctors to describe chest pain caused by poor blood flow to the heart.


Is there a relationship between the duration of chest pain and the occurrence of a heart attack?

Except the quality of the pain, another issue is the time period of the chest pain If you only have chest pain for a few seconds and the pain goes away after a few seconds, do not worry. It is important to know that chest pain caused by heart problems lasts at least five minutes and usually does not last more than twenty minutes and finally thirty minutes. Sudden chest pain that resolves quickly can often not be considered serious and high-risk in the group of heart pain. Pain that appears or intensifies after physical activity but resolves with rest can also be a sign of angina pectoris.

But the diagnosis will not always be easy, so consult your doctor.


Causes of transient chest pain

Musculoskeletal pain is one of the most common causes of sharp and sudden chest pain that resolves quickly.

These pains are related to the bones and muscles that cover your chest.

These include:

In this case, the cartilage of the chest, especially the cartilage where the ribs connect to the sternum, becomes inflamed and painful.

Chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia can cause persistent chest pain that is related to the chest muscles.

They can cause chest pain that will get worse when you breathe deeply


In what cases should we go to a medical center with chest pain?

The pain that has lasted

In the following cases, sharp and sudden chest pains that resolve quickly may occur that are not a cause for concern: