Reduction or lack of sense of smell and taste will be very common following various types of upper respiratory tract inflammations such as nose and sinuses, following allergies and colds and covid19.

But will there be a way to restore the lost sense of taste?

Can consuming orange or sugar be considered effective ways to restore a reduced or lost sense of taste?

If you have decreased or lost your sense of taste due to inflammation or allergies or infection, read more

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“Getting taste back with orange and brown sugar”

It is said that often with the treatment of allergies and inflammation, or with the improvement of colds and infections of the upper respiratory tract and sinusitis, etc., both the sense of smell and the sense of taste are reduced or lost.

Doctors say some people may not regain their lost sensation after recovering from Covid19.

It will take a long time for your lost sense of smell and taste to recover, it will be difficult for some of you to not be able to perceive the smell or to know the taste of the food for a long time. For some of you it will be hard and difficult and will bring a lot of psychological burden, understanding the taste of foods depends to a large extent on your sense of smell. Lack of isolated sense of taste is rare and most cases of lack or decrease in taste have occurred due to problems in the sense of smell.

When you cannot understand the smell and taste of food, your appetite will decrease, you will eat less, so the intake of nutrients is reduced and this recovery delays your recovery.

There is no medicine to restore your sense of taste and smell. For a long time, methods in oriental medicine have been used to enhance the sense of smell and taste.

getting taste back with orange and brown sugar

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Consume burnt oranges and sugar

Do these two have an effect on restoring the sense of taste? In the following, we will discuss the role of burnt Portugal and sugar in restoring the lost sense of taste.

It has long been believed that burning burnt oranges will be able to open the way for a person to smell, this may seem strange and unscientific, but you should know that many people who have a poor sense of smell and taste They have recovered by burning burnt orange. If two weeks have passed since your infection and inflammation healed and your sense of taste and smell have not returned (these two senses are almost always together, ie the decrease and lack of sense of taste is almost always due to problems with the sense of smell), you can use natural methods to Use to retrieve them. Odor rehabilitation is a term used to restore and enhance the sense of smell and, consequently, to restore lost or diminished sense of taste.

Odor rehabilitation

In fact, it is a type of aromatherapy that will help you to reduce the sense of smell (hyposmia) and also the lack of sense of smell (anosmia) and because the taste is dependent on healthy smell, this method is lost in restoring the sense of taste and Or reduced will also be very useful.

This method will be the purposeful and studied use of the scents of different groups, which has been entered and registered in the clinical protocol of the Japan Society of Otolaryngologists in year 1. In this way, you inhale a series of special and planned scents for several months.

Four groups of aromas of four extracts, which are the source of stimulating the sense of smell.

The classic method of these four scents involves the use of the following four scents:

  • Oyster extract
  • Eucalyptus extract

What is the method of olfactory rehabilitation?

You do it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night

Each time you do the following:

  1. Start with one of the four extracts and inhale it for ten seconds
  2. Now take ten seconds and smell the second extract and so on the third and fourth extracts
  3. The minimum duration of treatment will be twelve weeks
  4. It is better to continue this olfactory rehabilitation for thirty-two weeks
  5. If you do not have the extract, you can use the rose itself, the lemon fruit itself, the thyme plant itself and the eucalyptus gum itself.

It is better to buy the most concentrated extracts

You can replace the above four fragrance !!! groups with the following groups:

So far, there is no solid scientific evidence that the use of certain vitamins and supplements is useful to restore the lost sense of taste, so it is better to avoid taking too much vitamins.

  • Instead of roses from eglantine, chamomile, spring orange, narcissus, jasmine, lavender
  • Instead of lemons from strawberries, bananas, oranges, cucumbers, tangerines, apples
  • Instead of thyme from cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, angelica
  • Instead of eucalyptus from mint, vinegar, garlic, menthol
  • Be sure to choose an extract from all four main fragrance groups
  • You can, for example, form a new quadruple group each month with a new lineup

The final word

But these days, when the world is plagued by the Covid19 pandemic, a group is spreading claims that repeating inhaling a mixture of burnt oranges with brown sugar could reduce or eliminate the odor and taste lost during a Covid19 infection. It is better to know the opinion of doctors of one of the reputable research centers about the correctness or incorrectness of this common belief, which seems to be a method of ancient Jamaican medicine.

They believe that this compound smells more delicious than the smell of an effective therapist! According to these doctors, there has been no valid reason for this belief.

Viral infections, as well as Covid19, are not able to kill olfactory and taste receptor cells, but all infectious and allergenic agents are likely to affect only the nasal mucosa, causing inflammation and swelling. There is an odor receptor nerve, So, in fact, it is the inflammation and swelling of the nasal mucosa cells that will reduce or lack the sense of smell and consequently a defect in human taste, so by improving the inflammation, you will not have any defect in the smell and taste nerve cells themselves.

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