If you have suffered a brain injury or TBI and want to learn about recovery after these injuries.

If you are a candidate for rehabilitation after post-traumatic brain injury and want to know more about TBI rehabilitation, read on.


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Rehabilitation after tbi

When a sudden blow causes damage to the brain, for example, following a fall and following an accident or following the impact of a heavy object on the brain, the so-called traumatic brain injury or tbi is created.

If the collision causes injury but does not lead to a skull fracture, it is called a closed head injury, and if the impact causes damage to brain tissue with a skull fracture, it is called an open head injury.


tbi Causes 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the most common causes of these injuries is falls. Falls, especially in young children and adults over the age of 65, are a major cause of brain injuries.

Other causes of tbi include:

Heavy blow to the head following accident and motor vehicles.

The important point is that if you have a brain injury, an important part of your recovery after an injury depends on rehabilitation. Rehabilitation should be tailored to your needs and the extent of your injury, meaning that not everyone with TBI has the same rehabilitation prescription.


What are the parts of rehabilitation after tbi?

We said that a person who suffers an injury needs rehabilitation to recover, and this rehabilitation should be commensurate with the individual’s injuries and this person should be identified and developed by the medical team.

These rehabilitations will include a variety of services, including physical services, speech therapy, occupational services, as well as a range of psychological care and social support.

This rehabilitation program should be designed to help the injured person reduce their disability as much as possible.


Why will rehabilitation be needed after tbi?

Injured people should be able to have detailed rehabilitation programs tailored to their situation and:


What complications does tbi postoperative rehabilitation prevent?


What are the risks of rehabilitation after tbi?

Many people point out that parts of the treatment, such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, can lead to new injuries.

It should also be noted that if this rehabilitation is not done properly, the injuries may increase and the symptoms may worsen, so it is very important that an experienced rehabilitation specialist design a rehabilitation program after a brain injury.

Both the treatment team and the rehabilitation physician need to talk to you about any concerns and possible side effects, and you should talk to your healthcare provider about any concerns you may have before the rehabilitation sessions.


What are the pre-rehabilitation steps after a brain injury?

Prior to the start of rehabilitation sessions, the necessary care and treatment for brain injuries should be performed, including the following:

Emergency treatment should be provided for the head and any other injuries that occur during trauma.

Treatments in the intensive care unit should be completed if necessary.

To repair brain or skull and neck injuries, surgery should be performed if necessary and the prescribed recovery period should be completed. The recovery period should be spent in the hospital and after the above steps, the person is transferred to the rehabilitation hospital and according to the brain injury the correct rehabilitation program should be performed.


What Happens During Rehabilitation After Brain Injury?

The needs as well as the abilities and capabilities of people after brain injury are different. In other words, each person has a rehabilitation program that is designed specifically for that person and tailored to the extent of the injury and his or her general needs and conditions. Your plan may also need to include a variety of rehabilitation and healthcare providers. Over time, with the changes you make, your needs will change and your abilities will increase, and so will your rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation program after brain injury should be adjusted in interaction with the doctor of the care and rehabilitation service team and you and your close family, in other words, the program should be adjusted so that it is better and more workable for you.

Among the places where rehabilitation after brain injuries can be done are the following:

The rehabilitation hospital where the person is admitted, the rehabilitation hospital where the person receives his / her outpatient program, as well as home rehabilitation.


What treatments and care does a post-traumatic rehabilitation program usually include?

Physiotherapists, therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, speech therapists, linguists and social workers will be in your group. Also, the treatment options, date and type of rehabilitation treatment required will be determined by the care team and by interacting with you, in other words, your needs and abilities will be fully evaluated by the care team and the program will be provided.

The following abilities are required to provide appropriate rehabilitation after brain injury:


What happens after rehabilitation of a brain injury?

You may ask how long the positive effects last after rehabilitation and care.

In answer to this question, we must say that it depends on how severe your brain damage was, what symptoms you had, and how you responded to the treatments. Some people return to their previous abilities after rehabilitation, and some need lifelong care.

Interestingly, sometimes when TBI occurs, years later, the injured person may notice clinical manifestations and symptoms from a previous injury.