Tension headaches are very common, the pain and discomfort caused by tension headaches can cause you to use a range of medications and treatments to reduce pain. If you are looking for natural ways to reduce the severity of tension headaches, know that Acupressure and pressure points are among the appropriate measures.

There are not many studies on the effects of reflexology in the treatment of headache; there are limited results that need to be expanded to be officially confirmed.

A study on massage therapy has been performed in patients with chronic tension-type headaches, which shows that with the entire course of treatment, the number of severe tension-type headaches per week has been reduced from seven to two times. Also, the duration of each headache has decreased from an average of eight hours to an average of four hours.

It has been shown that receiving ten sessions of massage therapy by an experienced person reduces the incidence of headache attacks, the duration of each headache and its severity.


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Tension headache relieve pressure points

There are certain areas in your body that seem to put pressure on them to relieve headaches.

In the following, we will introduce you to these pressure points

Place: between thumb and forefinger

How to do it:

These actions seem to relieve and reduce tension in the head and neck

Place on both sides where your bridge of the nose intersects with your eyebrows

How to do it:

Place: The location of the lower skull and between the two vertical neck muscles

How to do it:

This method is useful for relieving tension headaches

Place: between the eyebrows, above the bridge of the nose, the place where the bridge of the nose intersects with the forehead

How to do it:

This pressure point also seems to be effective in relieving eyestrain and pain caused by facial sinuses.

Place: The location of the shoulder edge (the area between the neck and the shoulder)

How to do it:


The final word

Note that more extensive studies are needed to demonstrate the positive effects and effectiveness of pressure points in improving tension headaches. But because reflexology or the use of pressure points is not invasive, no medication is prescribed during them, and they are mostly harmless.

It seems that these methods can be used only as an adjunct to medical and therapeutic treatments. Especially if you suffer from severe tension headaches, the best course of action in the first stage is to see a doctor and receive appropriate medication.