If you are one of those people who have suffered from toothache after jumping and this issue has caused you concern, if you want to know what is the cause of toothache due to jumping and jumping and how to get rid of it, we recommend that you read more. We will explain why toothaches sometimes occur following jumping and jumping.

If you are a person who suffers from toothache after jumping or if your toothache and discomfort increase after jumping, know that sinus problems are one of the common causes that can be accompanied by worsening and aggravating toothache following movement and jumping.

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Why do we get toothache after walking and jumping?

Toothache is one of the most annoying pains that a person can experience throughout his life. Many people say that other pains can be dealt with, but toothaches are very severe and unbearable. However, it is possible that everyone has experienced toothache at least once in their lifetime. And toothaches can occur for a variety of reasons, such as allergies, diseases, gingivitis, infections, as well as bad habits such as gnashing of teeth, etc., which can lead to annoying toothache. Some people may say that toothache increases when walking and jumping.

Some people also say that they feel cold air or cold wind between their teeth at these times. The right thing to do at this stage is to go to a dental clinic for a checkup before the condition gets worse.

Possible causes of toothache when walking or jumping

There are many causes that can cause toothache when walking or jumping.

Gum disease, as well as inflammation and infections of the gums and sinuses, as well as some bad habits, can cause or exacerbate toothache when jumping and walking.

It is said that one of the wrong habits that can harm the health of your teeth as well as your gums is bruxism.

Bruxism is a habit that an infected person does involuntarily and unknowingly. This habit can be greatly exacerbated in stressful situations at work and study and anxiety, and follows the habit that the teeth as well as the gum line are severely damaged if you are a person who has severe toothache while walking, exercising or running. Be aware that one of the possible causes of toothache during exercise and following walking and jumping is damage to your teeth and gums following bruxism. In this situation, it is better for you to go to the dental clinic at the first opportunity for examination and checkup. You probably need to use a night guard or mouth guard.

Sinus problems are one of the most common causes that can affect the health of teeth and gums. Doctors also believe that one of the most common causes of toothache when you walk, run and jump is sinus problems In other words, the cause of toothache will not always be the problems inside the oral cavity, but in many cases, inflammation and sinus infections lead to toothache, especially when walking and jumping. Sinuses are cavities that are located above the eyebrows and behind the cheeks, as well as in the jaw. Problems and disorders and inflammation in these air cavities can lead to the spread of pain in your gums and teeth.

In these cases, you should know that to get rid of toothache when jumping and physical activities and walking, the only treatment that you should do is to treat diseases, disorders, inflammations and sinus infections.

Sensitivity is one of the most common causes of toothache

When a person walks or runs and the air flows inside his mouth and moves between the teeth, the person who is very sensitive to the teeth at this time suffers from toothache and discomfort. In addition to air, which can flow to the oral cavity and over the teeth, it can irritate sensitive teeth and cause toothache when walking. Eating and drinking very hot or very cold foods can also cause susceptibility of teeth. In these cases, it is said that a simple way is to breathe through your nose.

Breathing through your nose can reduce the feeling of toothache If you are a person who suffers from toothache following walking, running, exercising, jumping and walking, if you have inhaled through the nose in the above way and your toothache has disappeared during nasal breathing, know that your toothache was probably due to tooth sensitivity, so it is better to go to a dental clinic for treatment, but what makes teeth sensitive cannot be oral problems and gum disease.

Treatment of toothache caused by sinusitis

Signs and symptoms of people with sinusitis include the following:

If your toothache is caused by inflammation of the sinus wall or sinusitis while walking or jumping or exercising, you can use the following to get rid of it. There are many treatments that can reduce the discomfort of infected sinuses. You can do one or more of the following steps to relieve toothache by moving and jumping:

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