If you have a strange feeling in your head that happens from time to time, and this issue worries you. and You want to know the causes of it and how you can get rid of this strange and annoying feeling, we recommend that you read on.


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Many disorders and conditions that cause a person’s mental health to deteriorate manifest themselves with emotional, cognitive and even physical symptoms, so anxiety disorders are no exception to this rule. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental disorders in people that are manifested by a large number of symptoms and manifestations in the body as well as in the appearance and behavior of the person. Anxious people usually suffer from excessive fatigue, digestive problems, sleep disorders, insomnia, weakness, as well as increased heart rate.


People with anxiety and strange mental feelings

People with anxiety disorders describe the wide range of clinical signs and symptoms they feel in their brains when they go to the clinic and doctor’s office. Here are a few of the same descriptions:


If you are in a particular mental state, if you are under stress, if you have stress problems in your life, and in which case you have the following sensations in your brain, know that they are probably due to your mental state and anxiety.


Types of anxiety disorders

There are different types of anxiety disorders that can cause strange and abnormal sensations in the brain.

Most of us face anxiety and stress throughout our lives. In fact, anxiety and stress are a part of each of our personal lives. When we are scared or worried about something, the brain can change also if these changes continue, it can be associated with anxiety disorders. There are several types of anxiety disorders, which هn the following, we will name them:

It is said that each of the types of anxiety disorders mentioned above may be involved in the development of a combination of a person’s genetic potential as well as the social environment in which the person is present. It is also natural that lifestyle choices, occupations, personal relationships, social encounters, as well as a history of other mental disorders and problems, can be associated with certain symptoms and specific manifestations of anxiety disorder.


How does the brain change due to anxiety disorder?

Anxiety disorder is associated with an imbalance of chemical compounds in the brain and body. Scientists say that there is a significant relationship between anxiety disorders and some of the conditions and changes in the body, recognizing one’s emotions and perceptions.

Here are some of the most common types of anxiety disorders that can affect the brain:


However, we still need to say that in order to say exactly and confidently why anxiety is associated with strange and abnormal sensations in the brain, we need more research studies.  Doctors say studies show that people with anxiety disorders have certain problems in controlling anxious thoughts.

In fact, it is these conditions that probably make them more prone to migraines than other types of headaches.

You should know that people with anxiety disorders have more migraines and other headaches than the population who do not have anxiety disorders.


What are the emotions associated with anxiety in affected people or what strange and unnatural feelings can be associated with anxiety?

Physical symptoms that are common in anxiety disorders can cause strange and abnormal feelings in the brain. These symptoms usually follow physical changes in the body, for example, a person with anxiety has a heartbeat and spontaneously changes in his blood pressure. These Physical changes caused by anxiety and stress in the body can cause strange and abnormal sensations in your head and brain.

These sensations include the following:

Lightheadedness, sweating, dizziness, suffocation and fainting.

If we want to name the symptoms, manifestations and other accompaniments of anxiety disorders, we must mention the following:

There are many types of anxiety disorders that we discussed in the previous sections. Each of these disorders can have its own manifestations and signs and symptoms. In other words, each of these disorders shows its own specific clinical picture. Almost all These anxiety disorders may be accompanied by strange sensations and feelings in your head and brain.

If you have strange sensations in your head, some of which we mentioned in the previous section, and you also have one or more of the following manifestations, you should most likely attribute these strange and abnormal sensations in the brain to stress anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Some of these demonstrations are as follows:

If you sweat a lot, if you have hot flashes, if your mouth is dry, if you have hair loss, if you have tremors, if you have an increased heart rate, if you are having difficulty breathing or if your breathing rate has increased.

In this case, anxiety is probably the cause of strange and abnormal sensations in your brain.



In order to get rid of the strange emotions in the brain, you need to know the underlying cause and eliminate it. These emotions, as well as the symptoms of anxiety, can also be caused by other symptoms and manifestations of mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, so determining the underlying cause of the strange and abnormal feelings in your brain depends on a diagnosis made by a specialist doctor.

If you have had enough research and anxiety disorders were the underlying cause know that these conditions are well controlled and treatable.

In order for your anxiety disorder to be treated well, you need to get the right treatment plan for yourself from your doctor. usually, The treatment program is a combination of psychotherapy and the use of some drugs. These drugs, which are used to control anxiety disorders, are selected and prescribed by the psychiatrist according to the condition, severity and type of symptoms and manifestations. In addition to these medications, you will need regular, scheduled psychotherapy sessions and talk therapy.

It is also said that using the following aids can be very helpful in getting rid of anxiety disorders.

These include:

Yoga, regular exercise, art therapy, such as meditation, music and painting, and spending time and staying with home pets.

One of the new achievements that the medical community is still researching is the use of cannabis-containing drugs to solve the problem of some people with anxiety and depression. We must say that the use of these drugs still has the value of research studies and its effects haven’t been fully proven. It is also said that in some people, the use of these drugs may worsen anxiety, so to achieve the definitive role of these drugs, we still need to do more studies and research.

If you think you may have an anxiety disorder, or if you are someone who is worried about strange and abnormal feelings in your brain that do not go away, we recommend that you contact your doctor and mental health team.


last word

Anxiety Disorders are one of the most common experiences that each of us will have in our lifetime. However, some people experience unusual physical and cognitive emotional symptoms and manifestations with anxiety and stress, which are beyond normal and more severe than what others experience as a result of stress.

It is said that these people are suffer from anxiety disorders, anxiety disorders  can affect your quality of life and create strange feelings and strange beliefs in your mind. Know and be sure that anxiety is one of the mental conditions that has the most response to treatment.