If you are one of the people who feel strange and abnormal in your knee without knee pain.

If you want to know the cause of this unusual and strange feeling in the knee and understand what are the ways to eliminate them?


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Knee Crepitus will be one of the strange sensations in the knee, which we will explain more about in the following.

The clicking sound of the knee when getting up or sitting is a normal occurrence. It creates a strange sensation, and while the knee is not painful, but in some cases it can occur due to a serious underlying cause.

People may complain of strange sensations in their knees.

This feeling can be described as the following perceptions:

In the following we will say that in what cases will the above conditions be created?


Knee numbness

Strange sound in the knee that is not accompanied by pain can be numbness of the knee. The presence of neurological problems can cause numbness of the knee in people. When there is a nerve involvement in this area, it usually occurs with numbness and other symptoms and manifestation.

these Manifestations include:

swelling the knee. If you are experiencing the above conditions, we recommend that you see your doctor for further examination.

Accompanying symptoms are:

Tingling, Swelling, Weakness, Slimming of the muscles in the area, and numbness in other parts of the body.

Among the causes that can be associated with knee numbness are:


Neurological problems

Neurological problems are going to be described below:

  1. Femoral nerve problems

Branches related to the femoral nerve:

Following an injury and health following an accident, this nerve may be damaged at related conferences.

These injuries can cause numbness and tingling in the knee.

It is said that if we are effectively pressured, the above problems will also arise.

pressure on Knee when sitting

pressure on Knee when sitting on a surgical bed

can put pressure on the nerve and its branches and temporarily cause the above symptoms. Also, diabetics can have damage to this nerve.


  1. Joint inflammation

These children can change the sensitivity of the knee pain sensors by changing

Sensitivity of the knee sensors is possible.

Suffer from tingling in the year and numbness in the knee or other sensations in the knee


  1. Damage to the roots of the spinal nerves

A number of spinal cord fibers emerge from the spinal canal and join to form a larger nerve that is responsible for sensing the knee.

If the roots of the spinal nerves are damaged, they become inflamed and the person may experience strange sensations other than pain in their knee.

Other reasons for the strange sensitivity in the knee include the following:

Now let’s talk about other causes of a strange feeling in the knee.


Pain syndrome or fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia is one of the causes that is very common among people and is usually known with insignificant pain in different parts of the body as well as various anesthetics in different parts of the body. Usually, people with this disorder suffer from sleep disorders.


Psychological psychiatric problems

As you know, a large part of our perceptions and our senses will be affected by our psychological characteristics.

One of the conditions caused by psychological diseases will be a change in the reception of environmental stimuli.

So it is understandable that if a person in a bad mood has a strange feeling in the knee and other parts of the body.

Other causes of strange sensations in the knee area are as follows:



Ways to control and prevent knee numbness include:


Specialized drugs prescribed by physicians in accordance with the underlying conditions of the disorder

There is another group of people who describe the clicking sound of the knee when getting up as sitting as a strange and abnormal sensation in the knee. If this sound is without swelling and pain, it is not very serious.

Doctors say that in general, the sound of a knee click can be for different reasons. When people walk, or when they sit cross legged or change the position of their legs, in these cases, in a knee that has no other disorder, the sound of knee clicks can lead to the release of false bubbles.

in this case, when the pressure applied to the knee joint changes, for example, following a change in the position of the knee from sitting or standing, a small gas is formed in the area, and with the rapid movement of the knee, gas bubbles burst and a clicking sound is heard in the knee.


Hearing a knee click

It can be due to stretching of the ligament or tendon on the bones and muscles of the area. When these components return to their original position, a clicking sound is heard.

Another cause of painless knee clicks is the presence of a scar tissue adjacent to the bones of the area.

The above items are painless.

Runner’s knee, Injuries to the meniscus of the knee, Meniscus cysts of the knee, Osteoarthritis of the knee and Baker’s cyst.

In the cases mentioned above, the clicking sound of the knee will be accompanied by pain.