The food we eat enters the stomach after passing through the mouth and esophagus. The movements of the stomach wall along with the gastric juice help digest food.

Gastric secretion is a collection of substances secreted by cells in the stomach wall, called chymus.

Stomach acid is also one of the substances in gastric chyme.

Stomach acid is made by a group of glandular cells located in the stomach wall (one-third of the end of the stomach) called P cells and poured into the stomach.


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What factors stimulate gastric acid secretion?

If for any reason the secretion of gastric acid is reduced, digestion of food remains incomplete, incomplete digestion of food causes a feeling of fullness in the stomach, bloating and gas accumulation.

On the other hand, stomach acid in people with acid reflux or reflux disease causes heartburn, sputum in the back of the throat and chronic cough, and most importantly, cancerous changes in the end of the esophagus.


What factors stimulate p cells to secrete acid?

It is interesting to know that when we think of a delicious food, when we smell a tasty food or look at a food, the secretion of stomach acid increases.


Like the smell, the appearance of a food (even when seen in a movie or photo) stimulates acid secretion.

It is a hormone that is secreted from the cells of the stomach wall and indirectly stimulates the secretion of gastric acid. Gastrin is also secreted in the duodenum and pancreas.

It is a hormone that is released when you are hungry, it is also called hunger hormone and it stimulates the secretion of stomach acid.

It is a neurohormone that increases gastric acid secretion and generally increases the movements and activity of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract

In addition to these hormones, the following factors can also stimulate gastric acid secretion:

Caffeine in our foods and beverages increases gastrin secretion. We mentioned above that gastrin is a hormone that strongly stimulates the secretion of gastric acid.

Black tea, coffee, etc. contain caffeine and increase gastric acid and worsen reflux.

It increases the hunger hormone and thus increases gastric acid secretion, so people with GERD are advised to eat a small meal at close intervals.


Consumption of water and stomach acid

There is a common misconception among people that drinking water can reduce the concentration of stomach acid.

Note that water cannot dilute stomach acid. Avoid liquids between meals.