Esophageal and gastric bleeding can be accompanied by black and foul-smelling stools. Gastrointestinal tumors can be the cause of blood in the stool and its black color, but blood alone does not cause black stools.

In this article, we will talk about what causes other than blood, which may darken the color of the stool.

Why is my poop black but no blood?

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Causes of dark stools

Many black stools can be caused by the foods you eat.

In other words, some substances and foods that enter our digestive system give dark colored stools. In these cases, your stool analysis test does not contain blood and compounds related to the presence of bleeding in the digestive system.

In these cases, where the stool is black but does not contain blood, what factors can cause the stool to darken?

There are foods, snacks, and medications that darken stools

These materials include:


Some types of oral medications make the stool black:

It is a drug that was used in ancient times in people with stomach ulcers.

It is available as bismuth salicylate or subcitrate, protects the gastric mucosa as a coating, neutralizes some stomach acid, and possibly acts directly on the gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Bismuth is sometimes used for travel diarrhea. .

This drug darkens the stool. A few days after stopping the consumption of bismuth, the color of the stool will become normal

Today, it is mostly used in the treatment of glaucoma and reduction of intraocular pressure

Thiophylline is a drug used to treat respiratory tuberculosis

Iron tablets and supplements can also cause black stools.

Bismuth, aluminum, and iron will all cause constipation in addition to black stools.


What foods darken stools?


When to see a doctor?

If you have black stools and have one or more of the following symptoms, you should see a doctor to find out the cause: