Ice pick headaches back of head

Nowadays headaches in general are a common problem, no matter what age or gender they affect humans at a large scale. Ice pick headaches back of head are one of them which affect people . A headache mostly refers to the pain in any region of the head. Headaches can happen on one or both sides of […]

Dull ache in arm area

Dull ache in arm can be due to a variety of causes and due to the associated structures in the arm like skin, joints, nerves, muscles or even some types of pain are referred to the region of am and results in dull ache in arm. Dull ache in arm can be associated with tingling, […]


We all feel uneasy sometimes because of our digestive system and sometimes we feel like we have trapped gas in upper abdomen. Having gas in our digestive tract is very normal, and happens usually because of the way we eat and drink. This gas in our body is very natural and does not cause any […]


At times when your throat feels tight anxiety can be a cause. Medically, this condition where anxiety causes your throat to feel tight is called Globus Hystericus. It is classified as a conversion disorder. Conversion disorders are disorders where you experience physical symptoms like throat feels tight, blindness, and other serious symptoms. There is no […]


Things can, sometimes, be a lot to carry around, and you may think like I feel like killing myself. Many people think like this and many people, who when got the right help, survived the traumas and the hopelessness they were facing. It is okay to feel overburdened sometimes, and to feel like giving up […]

Weird sensations in head

Do you often experience weird sensations in head or experience them occasionally? Do these sensations often herald your normal daily life processes? Weird sensations in head often can be too much disturbing and get a person panicked. What can be the causes of weird sensations in head? There are some common and non-serious issues and […]

My body feels weird and tingly

Do you often complain like my body feels weird and tingly? Do you often hear people around you saying my body feels weird and tingly? What possibly can be the cause of this feeling? This can be due to a variety of causes like lumbar discopathy, sciatica due to deficiency of vitamins and auto-immune diseases […]

Weird feeling in foot

Do you often have a weird feeling in foot and that causes you unable to move for some time or causes you an overall discomfort that persists for long? Weird feeling in foot can have a number of causes which can range from mild to severe. Weird feeling in foot in medicine can be grouped […]


No matter how long you have been cycling, you may have knee pain cycling in your life. As is known that most of the knee pain occurs because of cycling overuse, but that is not the only cause why you experience knee pain cycling. Factors that affect you knee, and cause knee pain, can be […]


How often do you experience your left arm feeling weird? How long does this experience of left arm feeling weird persist? What are the accompanying symptoms you experience long with this complain of left arm feeling weird? Can it be a serious issue or not, what are the causes? All of the issues will be […]