Common problems after breast reduction surgery

 Breast augmentation surgeries are also called reduction mammoplasties Do you want to have mammoplasty and are you looking for information about reduction mammoplasties? What are the goals of breast reduction surgeries? What is the purpose of mammoplasty and breast reduction and tissue surgery? What are the side effects of following these surgeries? Who is a […]


If you are looking for information about traumatic brain injury, if you want to know more about brain trauma, if you want to know the symptoms, if you want to get acquainted with the etiology that you want to know about the complications and symptoms, if you want to know the treatments and management strategies […]

Occipital lobe damage

Do you want to know about occipital lobe injuries? Do you know the complications of occipital lobe injury? Are you familiar with the manifestations of posterior lobe injuries? Do you know the symptoms of occipital injury? To find the answers to your questions, you can read more. In the following, we want to refer to […]

damage to the retina of the eye caused by diabetes mellitus

What are the effects of diabetes mellitus on the retina? Are you aware of the ocular complications of diabetes mellitus? Did you know that diabetes has side effects on the eyes and retina? If you want to know about the ocular complications of diabetes and its effects on the retina behind the eye, we recommend […]


Anxiety is not limited to your mental health, but it can also manifest itself in some physical ways. Like it involves many other organs, it can involve your tongue as well. Feeling of tongue feels weird anxiety causes is called Psychogenic Lingual Paresthesia medically. Paresthesia is used for a sensation of tingling, pins-and-needles, and feeling […]

Soreness on labia majora

Sometimes there is this weird soreness on labia majora, which can be due to many reasons. This soreness can cause irritation redness and pain in labia majora. Many women suffer this and are worrisome for it. The labia majora is located on the vulva, which is the part of a woman’s external genitalia , they […]


Stitch like pain in right side under ribs is a common complaint and concern among people. How often do you experience stitch like pain in right side under ribs? What is the nature of stitch like pain in right side under ribs? In which setting do you experience stitch like pain in right side under […]

Dull ache between shoulder blades

Are you experiencing a dull ache between shoulder blades? Does it concerns you that it might be something serious? Follow along as we try to understand the causes of dull ache between shoulder blades, what are the treatments and how can we prevent it?   Dull ache between the shoulder blades is referred to as […]

Lip feels weird

The lips are counted among the most touch sensitive parts of the human body , However sometimes lip feels weird suddenly,  they can go numb and rubbery .There are other things that can lead to  weird feeling in lips or cause to lose feeling the lip or get a tingle in the lips which include […]

Weird feeling in mouth

If you have a weird feeling in mouth, you might experience it as a loss of sensation or some type of feeling in your mouth. This can happen with your tongue, gums, or lips. You can have a tingling or prickling feeling on your lips or on your mouth. The medical term for numbness or […]